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September 2017

Welcome Back to our Students!

Come To the Library For:

BOOKS We have lots of great new books and magazines. Did you know that reading "old-fashioned" print is good for your brain? Take a break from digital text and check out a BOOK! Reading also helps improve reading and writing skills and gets you ready for higher education.

Passwords, ID badges, Chromebook help, quiet study time, printing.

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The school year is off to a running start. New Chromebooks have been issued to THS students. Remember that you are responsible for keeping your Chromebooks in good working order. Here are a few tips to keep them nice.

  •     Liquids will ruin your Chromebook if spilled on it. DO NOT leave CB around liquids. Be careful if you must sip a drink while working.
  • The new CBs have touchscreens. These tend to get dirty, especially if CB is used while you are snacking. Keep the screen clean by gently wiping it with a soft cloth that has a bit of glass cleaner on it. You may use just a slightly damp cloth if you don't have glass cleaner. Do not apply any liquid directly to the screen, just spritz a little on a cloth to wipe the screen with.
  • The powercords are two pieces and losing either one will require a full replacement. Keep your cord safe at home whenever possible, and put your name on it with tape or a sticker.
  • If your Chromebook is lost or stolen, report this right away to the library. If we quickly take steps, we can often get it back, especially if it is lost here at school.
  • If something goes wrong with your Chromebook, DO NOT attempt to fix it yourself. Bring it into the library and let us take care of it.

May 2017


Everyone--time to reset your password.  If you don’t reset it before you leave, it may expire over the summer. No one at IT will be able to help and the people at THS who can help will be gone for the summer.

Things to know--your new password should still be 8-12 characters and one of them should be a number.

You can only change your password when you are logged in at THS. It doesn’t work if you try to change it from home!

Seniors also need to do this. This will give you access for up to 2 years so you can find items in your TPS account.

You will be changing your password in your Trojan Time on May 10th.  Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work, just keep trying to change it throughout the day.

        In August of 2017, students will receive a newer model Chromebook. We are lucky to be the only school in the district to receive these. However, there are some considerations that have to be made--all students MUST turn in their current Chromebook in order to receive the newer version. We would greatly appreciate it if your student turns in their Chromebook after the last final on May 25th unless they are taking summer school. There can be no exceptions to this request. It is necessary to speed up the distribution in the fall and to avoid any fees for the missing Chromebook to be added to your child's account.

(Seniors need to turn in their Chromebooks before they leave school on the 16th in order to avoid a $240 fee on their account.)

Whew! ! Things have finally slowed down a bit in THS’s

Chester Woodward Library.

October 2016

Chromebooks-- At this point, all students should be in possession of their Chromebooks.  A little reminder that the warranty has expired on the devices and students will be expected to pay for any damage that occurs this year.

If the Chromebook has been lost, stolen or broken, the student should report it to the library.

PowerSchool--Students are expected to provide their student ID card when asking for their PowerSchool username and password. If a student is having trouble logging in to the site on their Chromebook, they should come to the library and see either Ms. Patrick or Mrs. Quirin for assistance.

Novell Log-ins--If students are unable to log in to the computer, we can provide assistance. Again, students need to provide their student ID’s.  

Student ID’s--If students lose their ID cards, they should pay for the duplicate card in Rm 101, bring us the receipt and we will print them another one.  Please remember that we cannot take money in the library.  Students must first report to Rm 101 with $5.

Books?  Yes, we are still in the business of providing research materials and pleasure reading books to students.  A variety of new fiction and non-fiction books has already arrived.  As always, encourage your students to put down the electronic devices and pick up a good book to read.  It’s amazing how calming the art of reading can be for people.

One 2009 study by Sussex University researchers showed

that reading may reduce stress

by as much as 68 percent.


Oct 16, 2015, 12:56 PM