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MHS Band travels to Hawaii

posted by Andrew Tichy

By: Emma Asleson

Moorhead band recently went on a trip to Hawaii over spring break. Not only did the group get a great amount of sun, they were also able to create some amazing memories. “I feel more connected to band and the other students because of this trip,” says Stephanie Mcdowell, a sophomore in symphonic band. Mcdowell had a lot of fun playing music at Pearl Harbor, getting to go hiking, and even learning how to hula dance. But of course, you can’t forget about going to the beach! “My favorite part of the trip was getting to see the ocean,” Mcdowell said. Opportunities like this are great to take, because you’re able to bond with the other students, while getting to travel to a place like Hawaii.

This trip was a great experience overall, and Mcdowell was really glad that she had the chance to go. When it comes to her own opinion about going on a trip like this, she would recommend it. “I would definitely encourage younger students to go on this trip. It was a lot of fun, and I made some great memories.”

Orchestra takes on New York

posted by Andrew Tichy

By: April Becker

The Moorhead High School Orchestra kids took a spring break trip to New York City.  Roughly 112 kids went on the trip and were there for a total of 5 days. The first day the students arrived they visited Times Square and ate at Dallas Barbecue. On the second day the students went on a city tour and had the opportunity to visit The 9/11 Memorial Museum and attend the concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. On their third day there they played at a local school for the students and later that day attended the play “Wicked”. On their last day in New York the orchestra kids went to Central Park, went on a tour of Carnegie Hall and finally went on a cruise to see the Statue of Liberty. Orchestra student, Sally Foss says “It was fun and really cool to see all of the different landmarks of the city!”

Spirit Room hosts whimsical contest

posted Feb 24, 2019, 1:45 PM by Andrew Tichy

By: Patrick Wirries 

On Thursday, February 14, Spirit Room held a competition between local and regional artists called, “Wonderful Works of Whimsy.” This competition allowed artists to paint, build, draw, or sketch along the common theme, “whimsy.” Artists from all around Moorhead, Fargo, Detroit Lakes, and Fergus Falls competed with artworks varying from hares fighting, starfish on the beach, a 3D model of a getaway resort hotel, kids riding large chickens, and much more. Most of these artists were graduates from local colleges, such as MSUM or Concordia who took up art as a hobby rather than a career. This competition stood as a great option for upcoming artists, professional artists, and those who enjoy creating works of art for enjoyment.

First place winner of the competition, Larry Simpson, won with his beautiful duo photography of a child appearing to ride on a chicken. Simpson has enjoyed photography since he was but a small child, his father giving him his first camera. Since that day, he has taken hundreds of photos of landscape, people, food, and more. Simpson is trying to acquire a large skill in the art, while following his passion.

For those who didn’t win, Spirit Room still congratulates all the other entries, and allows everyone to be able to display their art in the gallery. This provides a lot of recognition for upcoming artists, as well as pride, knowing their art will be shown to the public. While Spirit Room may not be a large gallery, it is a more attainable way to grow than aiming for a museum. Spirit Room is a wonderful stepping stone for students who are wanting to learn the arts, or those with an understanding of creating art, since the gallery does offer lessons.

MHS actors ready to host sub-sections next week

posted Jan 18, 2019, 11:07 AM by Andrew Tichy

By: Emma Asleson

Moorhead’s one-act play is currently in the works. A one act play describes itself completely. It’s a play that’s only one act long, and contains several different elements to create a story. These plays run for thirty-five minutes, and are competitive. An ideal one-act play, tries to have a minimal amount of set changes and technical demands as possible.

Jude Barsch, a senior at Moorhead High, has been dedicated to this program for 4 years. “My favorite thing about the one-act, would be the fact that I have the chance to live other people’s lives for 6 to 8 weeks, and interact with other characters, and go to competitions. Says Barsch. “It’s really a big bonding experience that you can’t get in most places.” Not only has this program provided Barsch with great experiences, but also some great life lessons as well. “It’s taught me to work with people in ways I hadn’t imagined before, and learn to get over your differences really quickly in order for the show to go on.”

Moorhead will host the North Subsection 8AA One-Act Play competition on Thursday, Jan. 24 in the auditorium. If they place in the top three, they will advance to sections on Jan. 31 at Becker HS. A top finish there will send the Spuds to the MSHSL State Festival on Feb. 8 at St. Catherine University in St. Paul.

Spuds shine at annual 'Moorhead's Got Talent'

posted Jan 18, 2019, 10:54 AM by Andrew Tichy

MHS Student Madison Daugherty performs during the MGT Show. She placed 3rd overall.
Photo: Robby Njos | Special to The Spud

By: April Becker

Moorhead High School put on  “Moorhead’s Got Talent” on Friday, January 11th at 7pm. Moorhead students auditioned and few were selected to perform. The moorhead line up for this years Talent show is Madison Daugherty, Sofia Lopez, Wren Holt, Keaton Will and Jacob Rolle and Tor kartenson, Bailey Griego, Cassie Ishaug, Caire Atchison and Meghan Moore, jordan Kalvoda and Cole Asleson, Jaxon Deward and finally John Bradley. These brave souls showcased their talents to the whole moorhead public area. Madison Daugherty Performed first and she played the Ukulele while singing “Party Favor” by Billie Eilish. Madison is a freshman at Moorhead this year and said “I’ve never really done something like this anywhere, it was scary especially since this is my first year of high school but everyone was super supportive and really nice!” Another act put on by Jacob Rolle, Tor kartenson and Keaton Will who performed a Folk Trio that seemed to be a big hit. One of the performers Jacob Rolle (Junior) has been in the show every =year since his freshman year and was also the winner of last years show says “It’s really cool to see all of the different acts performed by people at the school, like you see a whole new side of that person.” The results of the talent show will be posted Monday, January 14th.

Joy to the world: The Carolers are back!

posted Dec 27, 2018, 10:31 AM by Andrew Tichy

The MHS Carolers perform for seniors in F-M. 
Photo: Kathie Brekke | Special to The Spud

By: Patrick Wirries

Every year, Kathie Brekke leads the Moorhead High School carolers. This year, with a crew of 54 students, they have been plowing through another season of singing. Spreading hope, happiness, and holiday cheer everywhere they go. From schools to business to malls to nursing homes, the carolers are spreading smiles and laughter to everyone they meet. All the preparations that have been made are finally paying their due.

Caroling does have its downsides. The preparations of finding gigs to perform at, getting busses to travel to and from the place of performing, and creating the costumes for the carolers to wear can be stressful at times. So much scheduling has to take place;, however, the stress continues because there’s also the audition process to become a caroler. This process includes being able to sight read, being available for times of performing, being able to manipulate one’s pitch, and having a good character. If someone does make it into caroling, things do start looking up for them.

Caroling does have its on perks too. Carolers are granted the opportunity to perform for so many people each year. It may be overwhelming at first, but once everyone gets to see the smiles on the audience’s face the process becomes worth the time; especially when the carolers go to nursing homes, the folks will  tap along to the beat, the melody. “When we sing for the memory care unit, people come alive and sing the words to the songs with us,” says Mrs. Brekke. “They may not even remember their name, but they can remember the words to Silent Night and Joy to the World.” It is moments like these that make people truly appreciate the work they do. These moments show truth to what the meaning behind caroling is. “The difference between caroling and other activities is that it is not about the students, but rather what the students bring to the community,” said Brekke.

Overall, the carolers bring great joy to the community and to the school. They have become very monumental in our school year that so many people are looking forward to the carolers even if they aren’t auditioning to join themselves. The performances held by the carolers are so cheerful and they also sing so well. Many people are awaiting an opportunity to hear the carolers ever year. Caroling is a great opportunity for anyone in choir, and those who are interested should audition for the next year. The merry times outweigh the troubling moments and anyone who is already a part of caroling can agree.

Moorhead's Got Talent coming in January

posted Dec 27, 2018, 10:23 AM by Andrew Tichy

By: McKenna Wettstein

It is time for all the students at Moorhead High to show off their talents to their peers and family members. Many students will be practicing for many weeks to perfect their skills to perform them to the best of their abilities. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top performers. The top performer will receive a cash prize of $100.

Students around Moorhead have so much talent so the competition will be tough. Auditions will be held on Jan. 2 and 3 after school in the auditorium. Students can show any talent as long as it is school appropriate. This is a great time to surprise everyone you know with an awesome talent.

The talent show is on January 11. Everyone is welcome to come watch and see all of the great performances. Students can show any sort of talent whether it is a big talent or a hidden talent. Many students are performing things that can only be seen once in a lifetime so it's important to go check it out before the chance is gone.

Last year the Moorhead talent show was very fun and everyone who attended had a smile on their face. Showing off your talents to your peers can be a great way to show everyone how talented each student attending Moorhead really is. Practice makes perfect so winter break is a wonderful time to improve your skills.

The Jazz Band will also be performing during the talent show. The Moorhead spuds jazz band consists of more than 25 members.

Speech auditions usher in a new season

posted Dec 27, 2018, 10:18 AM by Andrew Tichy

Meghan Johnson (Left) and teammate Alyssa Haagenson at the 2018 NSDA National Tournament in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 
Photo: Dana Haagenson | Special to The Spud

By: Emmie Fierstine

MOORHEAD- Many students are preparing to audition for one of the most united teams at our school. Meghan Johnson, 17, is about to start her second year on Moorhead High speech team.

Johnson prepares for the season by performing her speech in front of the mirror and as many people as she can find. Auditioners are given a few small pieces from a speech in a few different categories. Then, when it it finally your turn to go up and speak you choose one you feel the most comfortable with.

The speech audition can be a stressful thing to deal with but as Meghan Johnson says “you are in a room full of incredibly talented people who just want the best for you, which is intimidating, but you just have to take a deep breath and do the best that you can.”

“The speech audition may be stressful but it’s worth it,” says Johnson. Throughout the season she gets to participate in many speeches from the categories, dramatic interpretation and original oratory. In drama she gets to display a variety of emotions she usually doesn’t get to convey and in oratory she gets to talk about something she is really passionate about.

MHS Music Dept. prepares for Winter Concert

posted Dec 8, 2018, 6:34 PM by Andrew Tichy

By: Emma Asleson and Antje Swanson

If you’ve walked by the music portion of Moorhead High, you’ve probably heard students practicing Christmas music. These students are preparing for the winter concert, which will include Moorhead High’s very own orchestra, band and choir.

All three ensembles have been working hard to prepare for the concert. The winter concert is different from others, because performing Christmas music brings more excitement. Even the chance of performing in general, is special to some. “[I joined choir] because of singing, but also to get over my fears and finally be able to sing in front of a crowd,” says Suz Zeki, a member of Moorhead’s Treble Choir. “Singing is something I love. I’ve been singing ever since I was in Elementary, but I never sang in music [class] when we were forced to sing by ourselves. I was too nervous.” Choir has helped Zeki come out of her shell, and do something she loves to do. Performing for the Winter Concert is going to be one of the many highlights for students apart of the music program.

The concert is an exciting time for many, because the music brings a lot happiness to others. It’s a great way to bring out Christmas spirit, and give others the chance to share their musical abilities.

If you go:

The Holiday Concert at Moorhead High has three ensembles performing on Monday December 17; Symphonic Band, Treble Choir, and Concert Orchestra. Liam Brewster, 15, tuba player in the ensemble Symphonic Band says, “We are playing at least three pieces. My favorite piece is The Holiday Season, because it’s the easiest to play.” Concert orchestra is playing four pieces. Jolee Krull, 15, cellist in the Concert Orchestra. “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 is my favorite because it is fast paced, has a good melody, and is a good bop overall.” Jolee said. The Treble choir is performing 5 pieces. Claire Atchison, 15, alto in the treble choir. “My favorite piece is Santa Baby because it is easy and fun to perform.” The holiday concert is a fantastic way to support Moorhead High’s music program, and a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

Moorhead Carolers kick off the Christmas season

posted Dec 8, 2018, 6:32 PM by Andrew Tichy

Photo: Briann Martinson | Special to The Spud
Pictured (From Left): Kaden Moszer, Briann Martinson, Abi Werth and Cassidy Wendt
By: April Becker

As the Christmas season is just around the corner, The Moorhead Choir Program has started their almost 50 year tradition by having students audition for the caroling group based on the quality of their pitch and being able to sight read correctly. The highest scorers have the opportunity to choose to be a part of the Moorhead High Caroling Group. Most years there are about 20 carolers in the group entirely but this year there are a total of 30 carolers. In the group there are partners, normally, Altos are paired with Tenors and Basses with Soprano. The Carolers go around the city of Moorhead where places have “booked” them and perform 13 different Christmas songs in 4-part harmony. The songs they sing include: Caroling Caroling, Good Christian Men Rejoice, Infant Holy, Deck The Hall, Here We Come a Caroling, Ding Merrily, Carol of the Bells, We’ll Dress the House, Bring A Torch, O Yule Full of Gladness, What Child is This?, Gloucestershire Wassail, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Angels We Have Heard on High, Away in a Manger, Joy to the World, Jingle Bells, and Silent Night. While singing these carols the girls are all dressed in vintage dresses with hand muffs and the boys wear suits and hats. Briann Martinson, junior at Moorhead High and also a participant in the caroling group says, “Everyone loves being apart of the group, It brings us together as a choir because of the amount of time we are not only practicing but laughing on the bus and carpooling with each other to certain events. We have only just started but I can feel the friendships becoming stronger and I would definitely recommend taking part in caroling for underclassmen next year!”

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