Spring 2018

MNCodes Summit

#mncodes - A Year of Microbit: Good Things in Small Packages

Winter 2017

TIES 2017

#TIES17 - Meet Microbit: A Microprocessor Designed for Middle School

#TIES17 - Too Good Not to Share

#TIES17 - Making it Real: Affordable Physical Computing for Middle School

Spring 2017

Minnesota Coding in the Classroom Summit

#mncodes - StarLogo Nova: The CS Tool from MIT You've Probably Never Heard Of

#mncodes - Meet Edison (And two teachers who use them)

Minnesota Google Summit

#edtechteam #gafesummit - 3D Design in Chrome

#edtechteam #gafesummit - Tools for Computer Science in Chrome

#edtechteam #gafesummit - Ignite

Winter 2016

TIES 2016

#TIES16 - Tinkering with TinkerCad

#TIES16 - My Favorite Things

Fall 2016

3D Printing in K-5 Minisession

Spring 2016

Minnesota Coding in the Classroom Summit

#MNCodes - Computer Science Meets 3D Printing

#MNITEM - The Big Break (table session)

Winter 2015

UST Engineering Design - Final Project w/StarLogo Nova

MAIS Affinity Meeting - Makerspace Experience

#TIES15 - Makerspace Experience: Hands-on Learning

SPA PD Openers and Closers with GAFE

SPA PD Getting Started with Chrome Extensions

Summer 2015

#googleinstitute - Google Sheets - Basics and Beyond

#googleinstitute - Extensions and Apps for Integration

Spring 2015

#MNITEM - 3D Printing (demonstration & table session)

Winter 2014

#TIES14 - Makers' Playground

#TIES14 - Online Tools: Share the Best of the Best

#TIES14 - Computer Science Education: Engage at an Early Age

#TIES14 - Coding with Kids: Engage Learners through Computer Science Exploration

SPA PD Multiple mini-sessions

TIES KIC - 1:1 Lessons Learned

SPA PD Makey Making

Summer 2014

Tonka Institute 2014 Organizing your Department with GAFE Tools

SPA PD Hapara and Google Drive - Considering Your Options

SPA PD Apps and Extensions

Spring 2014

SPA PD Going Google

Parent Preso Cyber Safety: Sensible Parenting in a Wired World

Winter 2013

TIES 13 3D Printing: Making Rocks

Summer 2013

Lausanne Institute 10 Years of 1:1

Lausanne Institute 1:1 Essentials

MN Learning Summit 1:1 Lessons Learned

St. Thomas University Teaching in a Technology-Rich Environment

Winter 2012

MAIS Flipp'n Fantastic

TIES 12 Daily Life with 1:1

TIES 12 Getting Geeky with Social Networking

SPA PD GAFE vs OneNote

See SPA MS Tech for resources I share with parents and students.