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During the past twenty years of teaching in Minnesota, I've developed a unique knowledge of the state's systems of education, including public/private/charter K-12 and post-secondary/adult education. I've participated in instructional technology conferences throughout the country as a leader, attendee and trainer. I've also been part of planning and organizing departmental, building, and school/district-wide trainings as well as our regional TIES Conference.



2006-Present St. Paul Academy and Summit School, St. Paul, Minnesota

Teacher/Technology Coordinator, SPA Middle School (since 2006) Director of Instructional Technology (since 2011)

Support faculty, students & families in their use of technology:

Instructional support

  • team with faculty to teach students in 1:1 computing environment
  • deliver "just in time" technology support to faculty, students & families
  • team with technology department k-12 to develop policies/procedures and maintain hardware/network/software
  • train teachers to effectively utilize tablets and laptops and varied peripherals as tools to enhance teaching and learning
  • model and facilitate technology integration techniques in multiple classrooms and contents
  • research, evaluate, and distribute technology resources, such as websites, subscriptions, software, and hardware, to appropriate instructional staff with necessary training on all tools

Classroom instruction

  • teach Computer Science 6, a required trimester rotation course taken by all 6th grade students
  • collaborate with other faculty on grade-level teams to plan advisory model developmentally appropriate instructional and social activities
  • team with teachers in all content areas to design effective models of instruction at a high level of academic rigor
  • taught Technology 6 as an introduction to our 1:1 learning program
  • served as 6th grade adviser using Responsive Design model
  • taught English 7 in block schedule using reading & writing workshop models in the context of Responsive Design


  • interim Director of Academic Technology March 2010-February 2011; Director of Instructional Technology February 2011 to present.
  • introduced Google Apps for Education to SPA and oversee day to day instructional use as GAFE Admin
  • advocate for computer science and engineering instruction since 2013, now a strand in our science program K-8 with required courses in 6th and 7th grade and electives in grades 9-12
  • introduced Technovation, a design thinking based all girl app creation competition in 2017-18
  • initiated current student technology program for our middle school and expansion of 1:1 program 5-12
  • initiated use of iPads in our Lower School beginning in kindergarten with 1:1 in grades 3-5
  • develop vision for and implementation of instructional technology K-12
  • upon hiring, began efforts to revise school's current 1:1 initiative to include student use of tablets and increase level of classroom integration
  • facilitate family technology communications via meetings, trainings, web resources, and newsletters
  • facilitate K-12 curriculum mapping initiative using Rubicon Alas
  • collaboratively determine technology professional development offerings
  • serve on school technology committee, Lilly Fund (for professional development grants), and hiring committees for various positions

1999-2006 Stillwater Area Schools, Stillwater, Minnesota

Teacher/Technology Coordinator, Oak-Land Junior High

Coordinated all aspects of instructional technology for 1100+ students and staff:

Training & instructional support

  • facilitated, promoted, and supported effective use of technology through the planning and implementation of appropriate staff development models
  • designed and delivered of technology curriculum & policies, including enrichment programs, AUP, etc.
  • promoted collaboration among building, district, and regional educators via face-to-face, online, and virtual communications and trainings
  • developed and maintained a list of resource people, including district staff and external experts, with information about the computer background, interests, and involvement of each person
  • researched, evaluated, and distributed technology resources, such as websites, subscriptions, software, and hardware, to appropriate instructional staff with necessary training on all tools
  • worked with special education staff to facilitate assistive technology needs
  • provided face-to-face, online, and telephone support for students, parents, and staff
  • collaborated with and advise staff in writing grants for technology resources


  • designed and implemented all elements of building's 1:1 laptop initiative, including help desk, support, and building technology leadership
  • coordinated and maintained technology help desk for 1000+ clients
  • planned and maintained budget for building technology department
  • managed and scheduled media and technology staffing
  • worked with administrators and Central staff to schedule and administer NWEA computer-based assessments three times each year
  • planned and supervised roll-in and roll-out of all student systems annually
  • actively served on building and district professional development committees


  • marketed instructional tech use to visitors, parents, and community
  • served as point of contact for technology in local press relations
  • designed and delivered building technology plan with collaboration solicited from all stakeholders
  • collaborated with other stakeholders around district to generate and revise district technology plan
  • surveyed stakeholders formally and informally to better meet technology needs
  • designed and maintained Oak-Land websites, including main website, online grades, and content management systems
  • coordinated and hosted seasonal tours by visitors from community, business, and education sectors

Teacher, Oak-Land Junior High

  • Taught English/Reading 7 and 8 to regular, at-risk, and special needs students
  • Designed numerous project-based, authentic assessments with a constructivist approach to instruction
  • Differentiated instruction based on NWEA assessments as well as informal classroom assessments and observations
  • Participated in multiple trainings, including NWEA, reading in the content areas, team-building, diversity, and content area standards
  • Truly integrated technology into all areas of language arts instruction to improve student achievement and engagement

TOSA for Instructional Technology, District-wide

  • Developed instructional technology scope and sequence for Stillwater Area Schools
  • Facilitated and delivered professional development for technology integration district-wide
  • Coordinated collaboration between and training of elementary tech paraprofessionals
  • Participated in multiple curriculum discussions and acted as a technology resource person
  • Oversaw completion and submission of ERATE applications
  • Collaborated on several district-level technology-related grants
  • Assisted several buildings with technology planning and leadership

1997-1999 Minnesota Transitions Charter School, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Middle School Teacher

  • Taught all subjects to inner city 7th & 8th grade students
  • Developed curriculum for all content areas based on Minnesota Profiles of Learning at the middle level
  • Collaborated with teachers from other schools on several online learning projects
  • Team-taught science and reading with community specialists
  • Participated in regional charter school organizations to collaborate on curriculum and long-range planning
  • Served as technology resource person for all staff in program
  • Developed and delivered a computer-based 7-12 Introduction to Architecture curriculum
  • Designed, assembled and maintained a PC computer-lab and basic network (Windows 95 and NT)

1994-1997 CESA #1 - PACE Alternative School, West Allis, Wisconsin

Alternative School Teacher

  • Primary reading and language arts teacher for students grades 7-12 with 1:1 student: computer ratio
  • Site technology coordinator; technology resource person for alternative program
  • Delivered multiple trainings to regional educators, including introducing over 100 teachers to the Internet for both personal and professional use
  • Collaborated with educators from around the world on multiple online computing projects
  • Acquired grant to make PACE first school in CESA to have access to the World Wide Web (1995) and collaborate with students to design PACE website
  • Designed and delivered computer-based and technology-delivered curriculum



  • Experienced with numerous instructional technology applications, content management systems, and services (such as social networks, GAFE, wikis, Moodle, United Streaming, NetTrekker, Inspiration, Schoology, Quia, TabletPCs, interactive whiteboards, iPads, OneNote, Google Apps for Education, iLife...) and able to quickly come up to speed on new applications when introduced and train new staff in both how to use and how develop innovative classroom applications.
  • Expert at finding and utilizing online resources for to enhance classroom and out of class instruction
  • Well-versed in emerging instructional technology applications, such as blogging, podcasting, wikis, social networks, content management systems, digital sharepoints and the like; classified as early adopter of new instructional technologies
  • Conversant in ISTE NETS for students, teachers, and administrators as well as specific technology-related standards in content areas K-12
  • Expert at day-to-day maintenance, troubleshooting, and triage of Apple and Windows desktop and portable systems in multiple educational environments as well as peripheral installation, maintenance, and use with students
  • Experienced in all Windows operating systems and multiple online learning environments
  • Comfortable using, teaching, and supporting a wide variety of maker technologies/concepts, including laser cutters, 3D printers, soft circuits, physical computing (Arduino, LilyPad, Makey Makey, Microbit, Edison, Lego), sewing, engineering design, design thinking, etc.
  • Computing languages: Scratch, SLNova, MIT App Inventor, MakeCode, Blockly, Thunkable, HTML, Arduino, Ardublock, some Python and Javascript, etc.

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