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District Resources:

Family and Student Access

Music Games:
Rhythm Trainer Game
Listen and try to create the rhyhtms that you hear!

Pitch Letter Identification
Identify the pitch letters of the notes on the staff.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra for Kids
Games, activities, and learning put on by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Sing and play with Bobby McFerrin
Play and create with Bobby McFerrin and two of his most famous songs!

Morton Subotnick's Creating Music Site
There are some fun music games on this site. You can create your own music or you can test your listening skills.

Music Fun:
Horsing Around with Ostinati
This is a fun page where you can play with four singing horses and some ostinatos (short repeating patterns).

Virtual Drumset!
Play a online virtual drumset!

A site for exploring music from around the world

Music Learning:
Learning about the instruments of the orchestra.