Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the St. Thomas More Art Room! Art and art education are absolute passions of mine! I am thrilled to be your teacher this year and to share and work with your child. I hold a BFA from the University of West Florida and am a certified teacher in Texas.

I hope to help my students develop a growth mindset. This year we will continue cultivating a community who view struggle as an opportunity to learn, not a sign of weakness or failure.

Important information, activities and class news can be found here. Assignments are located under the "Homework" tab on the left side of the site.

The site is organized by grade (under the Navigation tab on the left hand side of the screen)


Ms. Macfarlane


Alive with our mission...We, the pastor, staff, and parents of St. Thomas More Parish School, are committed to developing the minds, hearts, and souls of our students. By planting faith-filled seeds of good habits, we open our students’ minds to knowledge, their hearts to service, and their souls to the beauty of God’s Creation.

Website Highlights

    • homework
    • handouts
    • resources and tools used during class time
    • art videos used for instruction
    • various photos from my classes
    • links to Renweb
    • Student grades will be posted weekly renweb

This is probably the BEST way to describe my teaching goals and philosophies.

I encourage you to watch this video, and I hope it convinces you that ART is the most important subject in school.