Mrs. Thuel 4A

Welcome to Fourth Grade! Thank you for choosing St. Ann School

"And if you do this, if you act just a little kinder than is necessary, someone else, somewhere, someday, may recognize in you, in every single one of you, the face of God.”

- R.J. Palacio Wonder

Meet the Teacher

Welcome! My name is Mrs. Thuel (formally Miss Shuster). This is my third year teaching fourth grade at St. Ann School. I am looking forward to a rewarding year that will be educational and fun! Here are a few things about me: This past summer I just got married! I love to read, my favorite foods are ice cream and tacos, and I have two cats. This year I will be teaching Religion for both 4A and 4B while Miss Knecht teaches Language Arts. Miss Knecht and I will also be switching for math. If you have any questions or need to contact me feel free to email me.

What are We Learning?

Religion: The Commandments 5

Math-Thuel: Multiplication

Math Knecht: Multiplication

Language Arts: Adjectives

Spelling: Lesson 23 VCCV pattern

Reading: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Novel Study

Science: Food Chains and Food Webs(Chapter 4)

Social Studies: Southeast Region (Chapter 6)

Weekly Specials

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Spanish and Computer

Friday: Art

Important Dates

2/22 LA Test 4.6-4.11

2/22 Spelling Test

2/25 Book Report Due

2/27 Pastries with Parents (RSVP)

2/28 Food Chain Due (In school unless not done by 2/25)

3/1 Mass

3/1 Book Report Presentations (RSVP)

Daily Homework 2/18


Math-Thuel: worksheet / math facts due Fri.

simple solutions quiz Tuesday

Math- Knecht: pg. 111 #1-8 / math facts packet due Fri.

simple solutions quiz Monday

Language Arts: pg. 66

4.6-4.11 Quiz Friday

Spelling: Test Friday / ABC order of 30 words from 23 due Fri


Book Report due 2/25


S.S.: SE region packet due Friday / pg. 180-185 IF NOT IN SCHOOL WEDNESDAY 2/20 ONLY

Simple Solutions:

Other: Music worksheet due 2/20

Homework is written on the board everyday and copied into assignment books. All homework is due the next day. Please check and sign your child's assignment book. If students do not finish assignments in class they will have additional homework that may not be listed above.


All grades will be posted on Option C for you to view at any time. Tests folder will be sent home with each child every other Friday to be signed an returned the following Monday. If you should have any questions or concerns about your child's grade(s), please email me.

Scholastic Book Orders:


Class code: Q78F2

Scholastic Book Orders will be sent home with your child once a month. You may use the flyer to order online or send the flyer back with a check. New this year- if you purchase online using the code at least $25 your child receives a free book up to $5! Congrats to Sofia and Cross who receive a free book for completing Book It in November and December.