Liturgy Choir

Liturgy Choir serves our school and church community by providing leadership and guidance in musical worship as part of every school Mass. These select singers and instrumentalists are diligent in their preparation of numerous hymns and worship music throughout the school year. If you are interested in joining Liturgy Choir, please see Mrs. Scholz to schedule an audition.

Liturgy Choir rehearses on Thursdays at 12:35 in the Music Room. Singers may use their practice songfolders or their assigned binders. Instrumentalists should have their copies of the music. Please make sure at the last rehearsal before a Mass that your binder has all the right music in it.

Members are allowed to wear their new polo shirts with uniform pants or the skort/kilt on days we have school Mass (yes, they can wear the polo all day, and yes they can wear the skort all year, even in winter).

All Lit Choir members are expected to get in the habit of writing down the songs for upcoming Masses in a spot designated just for that purpose. (A mini-composition book is great, or writing in assignment books is fine, too!)

Music for the next school Mass on Feb 18 is:

  • He's Got the Whole World In His Hands
  • A Gift From Your Children
  • Jesus You Are Bread For Us
  • This Little Light of Mine

I have 14 students registered for the Pueri Cantores festival. Please make sure you are using the practice tracks and learning the songs, especially practicing the Latin we worked on last week.

Attached is the order form for Music Department polo shirts. If you need to order one, please print out and send in with your payment in an envelope marked "Music Shirt Order."

Polo Shirt Order Form

December 2018 update PDF.pdf
January Update PDF.pdf
Shirt Order Form.docx