Individual and Small Group Counseling

Mrs. Mennsfield runs counseling sessions throughout the week. These sessions are either initiated by the teacher or administrator for needs occurring at school or at the request of parents. Sessions are coordinated with teachers so that students do not miss out on classroom instruction and important learning. Permission slips for participation are sent home before sessions can begin.

All school counseling sessions are based on a solution-focused approach, encouraging students to be empowered as problem-solvers. Students are seen for 6-10 sessions, depending on need. If further counseling is needed, or if the issue is out of the counselor's professional area of expertise, outside resources will be provided.

The counselor also coordinates with the MTSS (formerly known as RTI) team and classroom teachers to provide behavior reward sessions for students who are struggling to meet the classroom expectations. Students who are not ready to meet in a group or whose concerns are not appropriate for a group setting are met with individually.

Mrs. Mennsfield also holds lunch bunch groups and new student groups during lunch or recess times. The lunch bunch groups are open to all students in 2nd-5th grades and run throughout the school year. The Lunch Bunch groups are divided by gender and grade level and focus on ways to build self-confidence and to be successful in and out of school. The new student groups begin in the fall and help students to acclimate to GRE and build friendships. Permission slips are sent home for these sessions as well.

Students may self-refer to the counselor as well. All teachers have passes for students to use to ask to visit with the counselor. The 4th and 5th grade students are able to email the counselor directly with their technology to request a counseling visit as well.

If you think your child could benefit from group or individual counseling, do no hesitate to reach out via phone or email. Mrs. Mennsfield is happy to help!