Accelerated Testing

Parents in LISD are able to request that their child receive acceleration testing to advance an entire grade level or to advance in a particular core subject. This testing is conducted for free during the summer by the district.

2022-23 School Year CBA testing dates for our district timeline have not yet been released. If your child is a candidate for testing or if you have questions about accelerated testing, please contact the counselor to set up a conference. Mrs. Mennsfield's direct office line is 972-350-5734 or you may email her at

Indicators that your child may be a good candidate for acceleration testing listed below.

When compared to other same age academically advanced students, your child:

  • Possesses exceptional academic ability

  • Possesses knowledge that far exceeds grade level expectations so that placement with academically advanced students at the same grade level is appropriate

  • Demonstrates a strong desire to be accelerated

  • Appears to be more mature than peers

  • Frequently seeks a challenge

  • Initiates learning by pursuing knowledge on his/her own

  • Consistently scores high on test or assignments with very little effort

  • Possesses strong motivation and perseverance