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7th Grade

10/2/15                                                            Single Point Perspective CUBE
15 points                                                                             DUE 10/8/15

1. Draw 3 cubes (1 on each page) in single point perspective. 1 cube ABOVE the horizon line, one cube BELOW the horizon line and one cube ON the horizon line
2.  Make sure the vanishing point (VP or "X") is either to the RIGHT or the LEFT of the cube (not directly on or centered above/below it)
3. Draw one cube per page (use the back of your notes and the front and back of each page.
4. Make your cubes about the size of a baseball.

(By following these 5 simple directions!)
1.    Draw a square using right angles. 
        HINT:  You can make sure your square has right angles by lining up the mechanical edge of  your ruler with the mechanical edge of your paper. VOILA! A straight line!
2. Put the VP to the left or the right on the horizon line. NOT THE CENTER!
3. Connect ALL CORNERS to the VP
4. Put the back of the box on by giving the front square a twin brother (ie another square behind the original square. ) 
5. Erase non-essential lines


Always turn in your notes with your homework
ALL verticals stay vertical all the time!
Always keep your VP.
Lines from the corners of the square go to the CENTER of the VP.
Lines that are "behind" the cube must be indicated by "dotted" lines.

9/04/15                                  PART ONE:  Knowing What Your Tools/Media Will Do For You
15 points                                                                        (Blending Tools)
DUE 9/11/15

1.    Using your new pencils and a ruler, create a 1 inch wide column down the page for each pencil (4H, HB, & 6B).  You will have 3 columns.
2.    Color each column so that it appears solid.  Use only one type of pencil for each column.
3.    Label each column with the type of pencil used.
4.    Using your stump (blending tool) and the technique shown in class, create a smudge on each column with the stump. 
5.    Label each smudge as "stump"
6.    Using other creative blending tools, create at least 4 more smudges per column.  You may use the same blending tools for each column.  
7.    Label each smudge with the blending tool used.

Extra Credit Opportunity:  Use more than 4 blending tools!

PART TWO:  Drawing Policy-5 points
Due 9/11/15
  1. Go to Mrs. Bonney's website and print a copy the drawing policy.  
  2. READ the policy
  3. Sign the policy at the top right 
  4. Print your name
  5. Have your parent(s) read and sign the policy