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7th Grade

Point Value 20

Two Point Perspective Stack of Books

Assignment:  Create a stack of books in 2 point perspective.  The book stack MUST include:
  • 2 VP's that are Horizontal
  • Create your Vertical "corner" line
  • End the book w/ "brother lines" (vertical lines)
  • The Brother Lines create new "corners". Make sure they go to BOTH VP's
  • Create a cover by extending the top of the book as demonstrated in class
  • Add pages in perspective
  • Add a title (in perspective) that tells about yourself. Remember to add guide lines for the top and bottom of the letters
  • Bow the spine and give it a thickness
  • Make a stack of Three books
Keep your VP's 
Erase non-essential lines
Verticals stay vertical!!


Point Value: 25

Two Point Perspective House

Due at the beginning of class on 2/6/15

Create a House in 2 Point Perspective.  The house MUST include the following:

    • Pitched Roof
    • Chimney
    • 2 windows (with window sills)
    • 2 doors (1 open garage door with thickness + 1 door with casings(frame) )
    • 1 driveway (in single point perspective)
    • 1 pathway (in single point perspective)2
    • You must keep your VP's visible
    • You must keep your dotted lines (for easier grading!)
  1. Make sure to "dot" your unseen sides to the house (ie, the ones in the back of the box) You will need the back of your house in order to do the next step
  2. To create the pitch of the roof, draw LIGHT diagonals on both of the end panels of the house (box)  from corner to corner.
  3. At the left side panel, where the diagonals meet in the middle (creating an X), lay down your ruler vertically through the middle of the X and pick a point above the house to establish the top of the roof.  Draw a dot.
  4. Connect the dot by drawing a line from the dot to each corner of the house.  You now should have a triangle. The original dot is now the apex of the roof
  5. Connect the apex to the far right VP by drawing a line (this is now the roof line)
  6. At the right side panel, follow directions for 3 & 4 above.


Remember that the chimney is just another 2 point perspective box!  The only difference is that in order to make the chimney come out of the roof (instead of floating above it) you need to do the following:

  1.  Place your ruler along the angled line that connects the apex of the roof to the right side of the house (see 4 above).
  2. Slide your ruler at the same angle until the ruler meets up with the bottom corner of the left front of the chimney
  3. Draw a line from the bottom corner up the roof until it hits the back line that creates the side of the chimney. VOILA!

HINT: Make sure both your VPs are horizontal

REMEMBER:  Verticals stay vertical!  That applies to the sides of your windows and doors!  

Extra credit:  Color with colored pencil or add extra stuff (fence, windows, bricks)  Do something extra! Extra credit is given only for extra stuff that is executed well! The extra items must be in perspective though!


9/19/14                                  PART ONE:  Knowing What Your Tools/Media Will Do For You
15 points                                                                        (Blending Tools)
DUE 9/26/14

1.    Using your new pencils and a ruler, create a 1 inch wide column down the page for each pencil (4H, HB, & 6B).  You will have 3 columns.
2.    Color each column so that it appears solid.  Use only one type of pencil for each column.
3.    Label each column with the type of pencil used.
4.    Using your stump (blending tool) and the technique shown in class, create a smudge on each column with the stump. 
5.    Label each smudge as "stump"
6.    Using other creative blending tools, create at least 4 more smudges per column.  You may use the same blending tools for each column.  
7.    Label each smudge with the blending tool used.

Extra Credit Opportunity:  Use more than 4 blending tools!

PART TWO:  Drawing Policy-5 points
Due 9/26/14
  1. Go to Mrs. Bonney's website and print a copy the drawing policy.  
  2. READ the policy
  3. Sign the policy at the top right 
  4. Have your parent(s) read and sign the policy