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8th Grade

Point Value 50


Using the photo of the Classic Hollywood Movie Star  that was provided, 
draw half of a perfect portrait.

  • This is the first half of the portrait lesson.  You must produce about half of a portrait. You should spend about 60-90 minutes on the portrait during the week you have to complete it.
  • Use the grid method we have been practicing all semester
  • Make good use of your isolators.
  • Outline the basic shapes (of shadows and highlights too!)FIRST
  • Then focus on your values (shading).  Remember, shading is all in the pressure.
  • Make good use of your stump tool.
  • Pay attention to the angles of lines/shapes as they enter and exit each square.
  • make sure your drawing paper is numbered EXACTLY like the portrait.
  • Remember which pencil will work the best for each job!


Grid Method Eye Drawing                       40 Points

    DUE 2/6/15

Using the eye photo and grid paper that was provided you in class, draw a perfect copy of the eye photo.
1.    Make sure that the grid paper and the photo are numbered exactly
2.    Use the "isolator" that we made in class to look only at the contents of one square on the grid at a time.
3.    Pay attention to your angles and where lines enter and exit the square. (I even draw a reminder angle on the back of my paper.)
4.    Start the drawing where there are strong lines (I like to start at the pupil).
5.    Draw the outlines of shapes first.  Save the shading for LAST.  Shade the entire picture at the same time. 
6.     Quit thinking of the photo as an eye and scaring the pants off of yourself!  Think of it as a series of shapes, angles and values that can be copied exactly (and easily!).  Remember, you already know how to draw shapes and form.  You did it again last class!

EXTRA CREDIT: Color your drawn eye with colored pencils as expertly as you can.  Copy original value

REMEMBER: Name, date and title!

REMEMBER: Contact Mrs. Bonney if you get frustrated or otherwise need help!