Our children are blessed to be at a school that values and supports arts education. St. Mary’s Art Appreciation Program is an age appropriate program that challenges the students to embrace new tools and media while exploring global arts culture.

Art is important! It chronicles and defines every culture throughout history. Through an arts education, student’s brain synapses are built and strengthened. Not only is the student developing imagination, but he/she is also developing critical thinking, synthesizing and creative skills as well. 

Arts education has a direct impact on reading and language as well as math and science! The goal of the St. Mary Art Appreciation Program is not to make artists, but to educate our beautiful students through the arts.

Art and creativity is in all of us. God is the original Creator. He created the world and all that is in it out of nothing. God also enjoys creating. After every day, God sat back and declared the day’s creation beautiful and good! And lest you or your student think that they are not “good at” art”, just remember, God created us in his own image. So if God is an artist, so are you! ~Mrs. Kim Bonney