1st Grade  News 

 This is what we are learning for the week of February 18th - 22nd.

Reading - Our reading story this week is called Little Rabbits Tale.
High frequency words - dear, door, hurry, mother, should, sky, told.
Robust vocabulary words - rapidly, devious, courteous, gullible, hastily, unreasonable.

Spelling Words -  me, see, feet, seat, mean, team, slow, road, our, over. Spelling test Friday.

Phonics - long vowel /e/ ee, ea and contractions 've and 're
Grammar -   adjectives (describing words) color, size, and shape

Math -  Ch. 7 Geometry. 

Religion -  Chapter 17 The Church Welcomes New Members.  Test on Thursday. 

Have a great week!
Mrs. DiPietro