Seniors should check the list of scholarships below at least once per week!


IMPORTANT: For every scholarship information letter that comes to the College & Career Center, there are thousands of other scholarship opportunities available to you!  We cannot encourage you enough to explore the Internet websites. 


This information is provided as a service for students of Spring ISD.  We make every effort to be as accurate and timely as possible.


Spring ISD’s College Counselors discourage students from applying for scholarships requiring an application fee and/or a fee to use a website.  If you discover any scholarship opportunities on this scholarship website asking for money, please notify your College Counselor immediately.


All scholarships that are designated to be turned into the College and Career Center must be submitted by 3:00p.m. on the due date.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!

Ways to obtain scholarships for college

• Start early. Many scholarships are available only to students who apply in their junior year in high school. Some scholarship sponsors offer mentoring programs that begin tracking students in junior high.

• Avoid silly and fatal application errors. "Read and follow all directions closely, and proof your essay — several times,"

• Don't count yourself out. You don't need high SATs or have to be able to do a 360-degree dunk to nab a scholarship.

• Remember accomplishments. Get a box and toss in any sports, science, or community accomplishments you have earned.

• Shop around now for the best recommendation letters. Don't assume a favorite teacher will write a glowing letter.

• Talk to school officials. Some of the best scholarships require a nomination from your school. Make sure your college counselor is familiar with your accomplishments.



The scholarship opportunities listed below were received at the CWHS’s College & Career Center.

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