Dr. Sherrie Mason-College and Career Counselor

Welcome to the College and Career Readiness web page for Carl Wunsche Sr. High School. Your Counselor is Dr. Sherrie Mason. The College and Career Readiness Center is located in the professional tower on the first floor. 

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School Counseling Vision and Mission

The mission of the CWHS Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. School counselors are student advocates who provide support to maximize their students' personal growth, potential, and academic achievements. Partnering with other educators and family members, school counselors facilitate the support system to ensure all students are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to function as productive members of society.

To successfully implement the school counseling program at Carl Wunsche High School, the counselors are committed to the following beliefs:

We believe:

  • All students will have access to the school counseling program.
  • The school counseling program will be consistent with the expected developmental stages of learning.
  • School counseling program activities will be planned and coordinated by the counseling staff
  • Counselors will be available to all students to discuss academic, social and personal matters.
  • All students will have access to information about occupational and education planning
  • The student and parents are responsible for monitoring the student's educational progress with the assistance of a certified school counselor.
  • Counselors are available to assist students and families in making decisions about academic planning and post-high school planning.
  • Professional development is critical to maintain and enhance a high quality school counseling program.
  • Building relationships is the key to being a successful student advocate, guide, and liaison between all members of the school community.
My Role and Philosophy

 My role is to create relationships to help families navigate the challenges of high school and make plans for the future. I will provide information and resources for students to successfully make decisions about their college and/or career choices. This will include hosting college fairs, coordinating assessment testing and provide information to parents and the community. 

My philosophy is that every student

  Has dignity and worth and the right to be served by a comprehensive school counseling program.

  Has the capacity to learn in a safe school environment.

  Deserves the respect for their ethnic background and diversified needs.

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Dr. Sherrie Mason, College Counselor