Church Leadership

SWC Leadership

    Rev. Dave Souder:

Pastor Dave Bio:

Pastor Dave Souder hails from North Rome, Pennsylvania and is a 1988 graduate of United Wesleyan College in Allentown, PA.  He has a BS degree in Pastoral Ministries.  He and his wife, Deb, have been married for 25 years and have 3 children.  Dave has served in pastoral ministries in New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.  He enjoys antiques, auctions and crafts/woodworking.    

Administrative Assistant:
    Deb Souder:

Pastor of Congregational Care & Visitation:
    Rev. Keith Noel


Local Board of Administration (LBA, "The Board")

  • Vice Chairman - Harvey Straughn
  • Secretary - Sandy Thorstenson
  • Members at Large: Dottie Clarke, Joyce Collier, Ellen Sue Mesick, Charlotte Traverse, Keith Noel

Business Manager (not pictured):  Matt Brubaker                                                                             (Does not serve on board but reports directly to board)

  • Rich Thorstenson - Head Trustee**
  • Jim Cahall
  • J R Hilliard
  • Gary Lake
** Elected by Trustees
Smyrna Wesleyan Praise Team
  • David Kinsey - Piano/Keyboard
  • Sharon Daniels - Banjo/Bass
  • Pastor Dave - Guitar (not pictured)
  • Desiree Brubaker, Deb Souder (not pictured) & Melanie Zalewski - Singers
Sunday Morning Children's Ministries
  • Sharon Cahall
The Awakening Youth Leaders
  • Tony & Veronica Clampitt
Director of Hospitality
  • Joyce Collier

Manager of Audio/Visual Systems

  • Tony Clampitt

Manager of Social Media & Communications

  •  Desiree Brubaker