What People Are Saying About SWC

"We were Easter/Christmas church goers. We didn't expect our first visit on Christmas Eve to be any different, but oh, how wrong we were! Our first visit to SWC felt like 'Coming Home'. We have found friends that have become more like family, a support system, unconditional love and mentors to guide us in our Christian walk. We can't imagine our lives now without SWC being a part of it." -Rob & Candice G.

"We were greeted and welcomed by so many, and we could feel the genuine love everyone had for one another..Since we have continued coming, we have both grown immensely in our faith, our relationship with Jesus and one another, and with our service to others. -Desiree & Matt B.

"When I came to SWC I found people who cared for me although they did not know me. They prayed for me, they did not judge me, but accepted me for who I am. Best of all I have found a group of leaders who have taught me so much. I am thankful I have a group of people I can call family who keep me headed in the right direction." - Dave M.