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The Interdisciplinary Research Programme (IDRP) was introduced in IIT Madras in the year 2013 with the aim of creating a platform for encouraging research scholars from any relevant background to perform research in certain specialised areas without the restrictive academic boundaries of departments. Hence, this programme was initiated with the following broader objectives.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research work and scientific discussions among IITM faculty to perform cutting edge research in Science and Technology
  • Performing directed research in the country's top priority areas
  • Developing future interdisciplinary faculty and scientists by training PhD scholars in interdisciplinary areas

IITM faculty of two different departments define interdisciplinary research problems as projects. The student selection is done for specific projects; the student is guided by both these faculty. Selection and admission typically happens twice a year.

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"The challenges we face are not solvable by people remaining in their single discipline silos"

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