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Welcome to the JDCHS Science Department.

JDCHS provides a rigorous education in the sciences, including Honors and AP coursework, as well as opportunities for students to expand their science education through internships, extracurricular activities, and focused electives. Our faculty consists of highly qualified science teachers who enrich their classes with hands-on, inquiry based activities and laboratory work. We are fortunate to have access to four well-equipped labs on campus, and state-of-the-art science equipment, allowing us to give students real-world skills that they can take with them to college, the workplace, and beyond.

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Incoming freshman and interested students:

Students are placed into Honors Earth Science or Academic Earth Science based on their score on the science section of the freshman placement exam. Earth Science is a required freshman class. Therefore, incoming freshmen who would like to place into sophomore Honors Biology should plan to complete an approved Earth Science course prior to enrollment. Please contact Beth Bernards ( for further information or questions.