Worship Jesus

Join us for Worship every Sunday at 10am

Every Sunday at 10am we gather together to know Jesus.

Our worship gatherings are more than an event to attend but a community to be part of. They are open to everyone – for those that believe, those that doubt, and even those that don’t believe. We are a diverse and growing community, drawing from different cultures, age groups, and lifestyles.

We also lead Communion Services on Wednesdays at the following locations.
Regis East Malvern on the first Wednesday of the month
Blue Cross Cresthaven East Malvern on the second Wednesday of the month
Noel Miller on the
third Wednesday of the month
Gardiner Lodge on the fourth Wednes
day of the month

Do You Believe?

Whether you are young or old, or if you have been a Christian for a day or fifty years or you are still exploring, there is always more to know about God and the life he calls us to live. And as we come to know more of the beauty of our God, we start to see how that truth starts to change how we think and how we live as we come to grow to be more and more like Jesus our saving King. This transformation can happen instantly but more commonly, we see this change after years of prayerfully looking deeply at the wonder of God and humbly at our own lives, working to reduce the divide between what we say we believe and the beliefs that in reality shape how we actually live.

This is a series to look closely at core beliefs of the Christian faith and to then reflect on how this changes how we are to live and whether it is actually how we live. Of course, we could simply do this intellectually at arm's length, and while that is easier, I invite you to go further and do the hard work of ensuring what we say we believe actually changes how we think and live. I know I have work to do here too.

Some of this may be a challenge to us. In our thinking, there might be areas where we have started to believe things that are not from God and in our living, we may be unaware that we are living according to different beliefs. This is not often our intention but it can be the outcome in the course of life if we are not careful.

The joyous confidence we have is that the truths of the Christian faith speak to all aspects of everyday life, to our struggles, our pleasures, our hopes, and also to all stages of life and to all peoples. And in all things, we can see the truth, beauty, and relevance of Jesus and also experience the blessings of life in Christ Jesus. I pray that this is our experience, that we together fall to our knees in worship and that together we rise with greater zeal and love for God and love for others as we carry the good news everywhere we go.

For Kids

Children are so important in our community. Jesus calls them to trust in him and be a part of his body the church and we want to invest in them so that they can know Jesus and make Jesus known. So when we gather for worship, we believe kids should be front and centre.

For children under three, there is are toys and books and activites to engage them in the church building.

Kid's Club is a time during our Sunday Worship Gatherings for your kids to have fun with other kids, learn about the truth of Jesus from the Bible together, and grow as followers of Jesus.

Kid's Club happens at the same time as the sermon so everyone can learn about our amazing God.

What to expect

Come just as you are

We don't expect you to wear your Sunday best or put on a show, just come as you are. Come if you are lonely, come if you are bubbly, come if you are broken, come if you have everything together. Just come as you are and of course, wear what makes you comfortable. Aim to arrive 15 minutes before 10 so you can get settled and check in.

You are welcome here

God welcomes all people into his presence through the good news of Jesus, and so you are welcome here. You are welcome if you are single or if you are married or if you have kids or if you wish you had kids. You are welcome if you are female or male or queer or if you like hugging trees. You are welcome whatever your story is or however old you are or whether you already believe in Jesus or are unsure, because God wants to draw you into his story that saves and transforms us into all that he made us to be.

It's all about Jesus whom we worship

We are Jesus people so it's all about Jesus. Nothing matters more than coming to know and believe in Jesus and His Gospel, and when we meet Jesus, nothing stays the same. We will celebrate the Lord's Supper, sing new and old worship songs that are new and old, to move our hearts and minds to depend on God. There will be some things that may feel different, but all our worship tries to edify the whole person. Worship is about more than me and my preferences, it is about glorifying God, Father, Son, and Spirit, and in doing we are transformed into the image of Jesus.

God has something to say

God’s word is life-changing not just for us but for everyone. As we worship we will hear God’s prophetic voice speaking into today's reality, connecting with our culture and the way we live. So you will hear us read from the Bible and unpack that in the sermon. Our preaching is Bible-based, Christ-centered and culturally engaging, seeking to engage the hearts and minds of visitors and regulars and draw them closer to Jesus who saves and calls us to obey him.

We cry out to God to change us

Since we cannot change ourselves or each other, we pray, we raise our voices in prayer for it is God who changes us and saves us. Pray is just talking to God like we would talk to each other, and we pray about everything, our needs, our triumphs, the world around us, and of course in prayer we praise God who redeems and justifies us in Jesus and shows us the way to live.

Our Community

We are a small community with a mix of ages who have come to know each other as God's family. While many of us are on the older side, we have a heart to reach young people with the good news of Jesus. Together we hope to be a church that unchurched people want to belong to as we journey to know Jesus and make Jesus known.


The worship gathering lasts for 70-75 minutes, and you are welcome to stay afterwards for some morning tea and to meet the person you were sitting next to. There is ample parking on the street around St James, and a few spaces available onsite for those with access needs.

Here's what the inside of our worship space looks like