June 12, 2020

Thank you for a wonderful, memorable year! We will never forget this year in its great turn of education. Thank you for all your support and prayers. I am thankful for your support of welcoming me into your homes, virtually. Thank you for sharing your children with me and the Saint Francis Xavier School Family.

Have a Blessed Summer!

June 2, 2020

Here are some upcoming Zoom meetings for our class.

Friday, June 4, 2020 - Pre-K C weekly meeting- children bring their picture of drawing of what they plan on doing during Summer Vaction.

Monday, June 8, 2020 - 9am All School Mass on Saint Francis Xavier Church Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 10 , 2020 - 10 am Ava's Birthday Zoom and Virtually Gather with Church Buddies

Thursday, June 11, 2020 9am- Step -up to Kindergarten- Meet Mrs. Jason and Mrs. Motto

Friday, June 12, 2020 - at 11 am Pre-K C End of Year Presentation. More on this event via email message.

June 1, 2020

We are in the home stretch! Almost time for Summer Vacation. The last theme of the year is just that! Looking forward to Summer and making some plans to enjoy our time off and warmer weather! I hope you all enjoy your week. Thank you for all your support and perseverance in the Assessment Meetings!

May 22, 2020

Thank you all for your support with the individual Zoom Meetings. It is so nice to be able to talk with the children one to one. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes.

We are in the home stretch now! Just two more weeks of video lessons and Zoom Meetings. Next week we will Explore the Ocean a bit with some creative art lessons and read-alouds about the ocean and the beach. If on this long weekend you visit a beach, please bring home some treasures to share like shells or seed weed.

The week of June 1 preschoolers will be focusing on Summer! Our presentations and final virtual parties will be during the week of June 8 to the 12. There will be more on this topic in next Friday's Announcement.

Again, thank you and God Bless you and your beautiful families on this long weekend.

May 15, 2020

We had two successful Zoom Meetings this week. It is very good for the children to see one another and talk a bit. I learned that when I resent the information for today's Zoom Meeting the password was missing a letter. I am sorry. Once I learned, I was able to send a corrected email out to you right away.

At yesterday's meeting, I could see that the children are enjoying the sunflower project. I will be planting them soon at the school. I am looking at Wednesday, May 20, after the All School Rosary. I will video tape and send to the children. Also, we were blessed to see Caroline's new baby brother, John! Then we got to see all of our up and coming SFX students. Sadie's little baby brother, Silas. Then Ana's babies too! We saw Gavin's dog and learned that Sadie is getting a puppy too! Thank you all for the nice visit.

Our letter of the week is Qq and we will have a Show and Tell Zoom Meeting on Friday, May 22 , at 11 am.

Next week I start the individual meetings with the children. At their individual meeting, please have them bring something they want to tell me about and bring the laminated ,manuscript, lined paper and expo marker to our meeting. If your child does not have a meeting set up with me, please send me an email stating a day and time that works well for your family.

Enjoy this weekend, it is suppose to be warm! Thank you again for all your support.

God Bless you and yours,

Ms Cordeiro

May 7, 2020

Thank you for the kind and generous show of appreciation this Thursday. It made my day to go by the school and social distance talk to Mrs. Russo and some of the School Events Committee Members. I love the balloon hug and gift card too.

Also, I am grateful for the pictures of the children enjoying their at home learning. Please continue to send them to me. They make my day.

The preschool is busy. There is much investigation going on in learning about plant growth in the Sunflower Project and Outer Space with the Moon Phase and Planet Project. I have set up an At Home Learning Project Page. This is to make it easier to get the information about the project. Now you can just click on More on the tool bar at the right and click on Learning Projects. Whether you need information on a project or are looking to start a project, the information is on that page.

Finally, I would appreciate a time that I can set up a one on one meeting with your child. I need this time to talk with them and to start assessing for the end of the year. It will be approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Please send me an email stating the day and time that is best for your schedule. I am hoping to meet with your child the same date and time each week till the end of the year.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns via email I will get back to you.

May 4, 2020

May brings sun, flowers, outdoor play....please weather cooperate! So looking forward to the next few weeks. There are some fun projects planned for the children.

Thank you all for stopping at the school on Friday to pick-up the supply packets. It was so very nice to see you all !

May we honor Mary, our Blessed Mother. We will have an All School Decade - a - Day at 3pm. Please join us in prayer. The information is sent you on the Daily Activity Schedule.

April 27, 2020- Welcome Back!

I'm pleased to be back with the children. I look forward to our new start to the second half of online learning. Please let me know, if I can be of any help or if there are concerns. I will address them with you via email, phone call or even a video chat.

This week we have a Zoom Meeting on Wednesday, April 29, at 9:00 am. I hope you all can join.

Friday, May 1, is a First Friday and it is an All School Family Mass. at 9am. Please plan to join in on Saint Francis Xavier Church Facebook Page or Saint Francis Xavier website and click on the Resources During the Epidemic. At these two sites you can access daily Mass.

To find Daily Activities, please click at the top bar on Preschool Online Learning or click on More.

April 17, 2020

Thank you for all your support! It was very good to see the children at the Zoom Meeting this morning. I love how they are so happy to see each other and are excited to share their lives with one another!

I am looking forward to some off - screen time this coming week. I will put some of our prior activities at the forefront of the Preschool at Home Learning Page. Then you can access these activities if the children need something to do or you need a few minutes.

I will be checking my email daily. If there is a concern or question, please send me an email. I will get back to you. You are all in my prayers! We are keeping the distance for a time in body but not in spirit!

God Bless you and yours!

Ms Michelle Cordeiro

April 13, 2020

Alleluia! Jesus is Risen!

Yes, we are in very troubling times with this COVID 19. Let's work hard at counting our Blessings! One of which is that we are children of God! We can celebrate this Easter Season of in knowing that Jesus triumphed over death for US! Alleluia!

It can be hard to remember this truth however with prayer and trust in Jesus it can be done. Is it a coincidence that this pandemic is happening during Easter Season? I do not believe so. I believe and am thankful it is happening now. In knowing God's great love for us in His Son's Resurrection brings me increased faith. Also in knowing that we are now in prayer of the Divine Mercy. That too brings me hope. Please look to Saint Francis Xavier's church website to find the video of this prayer and pray with your families.

Divine Mercy Sunday is Sunday, April 19. I will be having some activities for our children about this devotion.

You are all in my prayers,

Ms Cordeiro

April 17, 2020 Announcements

I hope you all enjoy much deserved down time from school. I know it is difficult to manage the current life demands and still maintain some type of normalcy. During our break I will have you all in my prayers.

I am setting some time aside next week to work on getting the raised beds ready to put in some seedlings. I have started some early vegetables, herbs and flowers. I am hopeful in our return to school.

I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

God Bless you and please pray for me too.

April 3, 2020 Announcements

Dear Families,

Thank you for your patience while I learn how to navigate teaching the children through online videos and worksheets. I greatly appreciate your patience with my many technological mistakes.

Through this time, I have learned how much I enjoy being present with your children. They make me laugh, think better, and bring so much beauty to my life. Truly, Thank You for sharing them with me!

I have posted to the left pictures of Ava, and Ivy with their online work. They did great. The following pictures are of Christian and Cora learning with the teacher videos. They seem engaged in their work with the videos. I hope all the children are enjoying them and they are not causing too much trouble for you.

Thank you very much for sending me pictures and videos of the children . They bring me much joy!

I look forward to when I can talk to you in person and give the children a hug.

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I will get back to you within 24 hours or less.

To learn about plans for next week please click to on more to the right of Announcement Heading. There you will find the Preschool Online Learning page.

You are in my prayers,

Ms Michelle Cordeiro

Ms Cordeiro

March 13, 2020

Dear Families,

It was a fun week in preschool. We were thinking about different countries in our world. We had both preschools playing and learning together.

Next week is another festive week with St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday, March 17, St. Joseph's Feast Day on Thursday, March 19, and Career Day on Friday, March 20.

The children can wear green on St. Patrick's Day. St. Joseph's Feast Day we make pancakes for lunch. Friday, is Career Day. We are jumping off from learning how St. Joseph was Jesus' foster father and was a carpenter. The children can come to school on Friday dressed up as what they would like to be when they grow up.

I'm wondering if a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle of our families would like to come and visit our classroom on Friday. They can present their career to the children. We can work together and I can help think of a craft activity that goes along with the career. Please email me if interested.

Thank you for your support with donating new T-shirts in adult or youth size for our almsgiving project. The T-shirts are just one of the items our school family is donating to the Sister Rose Homeless Shelter here in New Bedford. If you have not donated there is still time. Please consider bringing in t-Shirts next week.

Thank you to the Pereira Family of Jeffery's Pizza. They donated our pizzas for the Italy Pizza Party today. Some of the monies collected for the pizza went to purchasing juice boxes and paper goods for the party. The remainder will be used for paper goods and ingredients for making pancakes next Thursday.

Please be sure to click on our menu tab on the left to read the Weekly Wrap Up.

Finally, remember at the start of the year I realized that the disenfectant wipes were not on the supply list? Well, they were not and we did have some families donating disinfecting wipes but our supply was low. We are very low now on disenfecting wipes. If each family in our class could purchase one large canister of wipes, it would be helpful.

Continuing on the topic of stopping the spread of germs, in preschool the children wash their hands a lot. I make sure their hands are washed with soap and water. Our children's hands are washed with soap and water at least two times before they go to lunch. Then they wash their hands when they come in from outdoors.

The children are going home with their rest time napsacks. Please wash and return on Monday.

Thank you all so much for your support.

We have had a busy return to our school schedule. The children have been learning a little about this season called Lent. It is the time before Easter. It is similar to Advent where we are preparing for a happy event, Jesus' Resurrection.

We prepare with learning a little song about the 3 habits Catholics try to implement, prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Yep, it is tough to navigate when your four and five years old. It is always good to try to small steps in learning to think out of ourselves.

There is more information about this week's events in the Weekly Wrap UP. Please click on the menu on the right near the SFX logo and click on Weekly Wrap Up. If you have time to learn a little more about this week's events.

Thank you to for your donations for our Gala Raffle Theme Basket of Cooking. As always it takes a village to make learning work and that goes for fund raising too.

I look forward to seeing you at the Gala on March 21. Please consider purchasing tickets for this event. It is a pleasant evening out and shows how much development is taking place at our school. God is Good!

Finally the children went home with many papers in their Friday Folder. Miss Dandurand and I have included in the Preschool Curriculum a week of learning about different countries in the world.

The Friday of World Week, March 13, is a Pizza Party. Please send in $3.00 for Pizza in an envelope with your child's name.

Also please complete culture questionare that was sent home in the Friday Folder on Friday, February 28.

February 14, 2020

Dear Families,

We are now at 101 days in school this year! Wow! It has been one busy and joyful academic year thus far. Praise God! The children have had many eventful and joyful times at school. Recently, we celebrated 100 days in school, visiting our friends at Our Lady's Haven, and Valentine's Day.

We return to school Monday, February 24, it is class picture day. The letter of the week is Ll for the season of Lent and Lion.

Yes, the Lenten Season starts the week we return on Wednesday, February 26, is Ash Wednesday. Miss Dandurand's class and our class will meet on Monday to talk about Lent.

Lion? Yes, March is quickly upon us as we return from break. We will be watching the weather closely to see if March really starts off like a lion but leaves like a Lamb.

Show and Tell is on Friday, February 28, for the letter Ll. Please help your child make, find, draw something that starts with Ll.

Finally, please start thinking about shopping for our Gala theme basket which is a cooking basket. Some items for the basket is a nice sized basket, gift cards to grocery stores, bottle of wine, a pancake spatulas or any kind of cooking utensils, dish towels, baking chocolates, marinades, even a nice cookware pot. The deadline for the basket items are February 28.

Thank you all for your support and I hope you all have a happy and safe Winter Break.


February 7, 2020

Dear Families,

Thank you for sending in all the cereal boxes. We will be making our Valentine Card Boxes on Monday.

The letter of the week is Vv for Valentine. We take our trip to bring lots of love to the residence at Our Lady's Haven on Thursday, February 13. The children have been working really hard learning some big band songs to sing to them. The permission slips went home today in the children's Friday Folders. Please return for Monday.

Also, Thursday is our 100th day of school! We will make 100 day trail mix in the afternoon.

Friday is Valentine's Day and Show and Tell for the letter Vv. Mrs. Bartlett offered to make a special treat for the children. If someone could donate juice boxes it would be greatly appreciated. Please email me if you can.

The children looked so great as 100 years old today! If only I could look that adorable when I'm old!

A big thanks to the DesRoches Family. They brought in some cooking items for our cooking theme basket for our big fundraiser, The Gala. It is happening Saturday, March 21 at 6pm. Please bring in an item soon so we have this off our list of things to complete. Thank you to Mrs. Gardner that is offering her time to coordinate our project! Please read the email she sent out regarding the items that you can pick up to make our basket complete.

Thank you all for your support. God Bless you and yours!

Ms Cordeiro

February 3, 2020

Dear Families,

This week’s letter is Hh for heart. Please help your child find, make, or draw something to bring to school on Friday, February 7, for Show and Tell.

Also, Friday February 7, is a half-day of school. Dismissal is at 11:20. There is extended care if needed and hot lunch. The children are invited to dress like they are 100 years old to celebrate the school’s 100 day of school. It is not the Preschool’s 100 day of school but they can join in.

Next week on Thursday, February 13, is our 100th day of school. We are going to Our Lady’s Haven to sing Valentine’s Day songs to the residence there. We will be singing Big Band songs and other fairly current songs with Miss Dandurand and Mrs. Jason’s class. Apermission slip will be in the Friday Folder this week.

Friday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day. The children are welcome to bring in Valentine’s for their friends. Mrs. Bartlett has offered to make the class a special Valentine snack. Please let me know , if you could donate juice boxes.

Lastly, March 21, the date for our Gala, our major fundraiser. The two preschool 4 programs are working together to create a cooking supply basket. Mrs. Gardner has graciously stated that she will coordinate this endeavor. Mrs. Dandurand and I are hoping for 100 percent participation form our classrooms to create this basket. Then we will have a great basket to offer for the Silent Auction. Somethings to donate are

Gift Cards to groceries store and specialty foodie stores


Spatulas, wooden spoons, peelers, paring knives, kitchen towels

Baking goods, for example, Mason Jar recipes like, brownie, and cookies in the jar.

Specialty cook books, i.e. bread, cookies, cakes, vegetable dishes.

Specialty cooking wines, and olive oil.

A bottle of wine for the cook !

A pretty and nice sized basket.

Your thoughtful participation is much appreciated.

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets. The Gala is a Fun Night Out!

Thank you for your support!


January 17, 2020

Thank you for your support this week. Next week the children will be able to play in the Snow Sensory Table on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Next week's Show and Tell is for the letter Ii. Please have your child bring in something that starts with Ii. The children can bring in a drawing or make something that starts with Ii. We talk about what things start with Ii . We read a book called, My Letter I book, work on a painting and work on a worksheet. Please allow sometime for them to draw or find something that starts with Ii. Show and Tell has had a small participation because children are not bringing in something. Then they are disappointed.

Wednesday, January 22, starts parent conferences. I am looking forward to talking with you. I will continue with parent conferences on Wednesday, January29.

It is important that you register your child for next academic year for Kindergarten. Please consider completing the registration form before Open House on Sunday, January 26. We do fill up our Kindergarten quickly.

We have been preparing for Catholic Schools’ Week for our Patriotic Day, Red, White and Blue, presentation. It is on Tuesday, January 28 at 9:30. If your schedule allows, you are welcome to see the presentation. The last few years the preschoolers have worked at learning patriotic songs to honor our country and military. Mrs. Amy Plante, our Small Wonders teacher, creates a slide show of our school family’s Veterans and Active Duty personnel. If you would like your family member recognized in our slide show please forward a picture with name, and duty to aplante@sfxacushnet.com.

We will be decorating our door for Catholic Schools'Week. Our door will demonstrate our active learning in music.

Finally, please keep in your prayers myself ,our school and parish family that are attending the March for Life Walk in Washington D.C. for a safe and fruitful journey. Mrs. Terry Vieira, a former Small Wonder Teacher, will be substituting for our class on Thursday, January 23 and Friday, January 24. Mrs. Vieira is fantastic with young children and will bring much love and energy to our classroom.


January 10, 2020

Happy New Year!

Our return to school has been active and snow fun! We made some sensory snow in our sensory table.

The children have enjoyed making and playing with this creative activity.

We have started learning Patriotic Songs for Catholic Schools’ Week to perform on Red, White and Blue Day.The date for Patriotic Day is January 28. Our presentation to honor our Veterans will start at 9:30am. We are learning together with Miss Dandurand and Mrs.Plante. If you have family members that are active or did serve in the United States Military, please send pictures to Mrs. Amy Plante, aplante@sfxacushnet.com, with their name, what part of the military, and dates served. Every year Mrs. Plante creates a beautiful slideshow to pay tribute to our Veterans.

Next week’s letter of the week is Ee for Epiphany. Outdoor play is still important for the children to get moving and change the air flow from indoors to a fresh outdoor air. It is a challenge on some days to get them out with the weather and mud that can develop on our playground. If you would like to send in your child’s boots, I can return them at the end of the day.

The Friday Folders have a conference schedule for the dates of Wednesdays, January 21 and 28. Please fill out the time that best fits your schedule and return back to me on Monday, January 13. I will complete my form and get back to you of your scheduled time by Tuesday, January 14. If these dates and times do not work for your schedule, please email me a date and time and I will try to accommodate it.

Also there is a Scholastic Firefly book order form. If interested please go to the Scholastic website. Then click on Book Club. Our class code is on the back of the book order form. This is an efficient way of ordering books. There are no checks to write, either.

Thank you for thinking of me with the beautiful cards and thoughtful Christmas gifts. I have enjoyed the Advent Season with the children and look forward to the rest of the year.


December 20

Merry Christmas and a very Blessed New Year!

Thank you for all your support with the children . It has been sweet to spend this Advent Season with them. I look forward to starting the new year with you and your children. I will be having parent conferences on Wednesdays, January 22 and January 29 from 3 to 4. I will send home a sign up list upon our return. The conferences will be for 10- 15 minutes. Please let me know if this day and times are a conflict with your schedule. I will work my schedule so we can meet.

When we return the children will be learning about the Epiphany, Little Christmas. That is when the three wise men or kings followed a special star that led them to the greatest king, our Lord, Jesus. We have 3 kings in our classroom that are traveling to our Nativity Scene. They are still trying to get there. Hopefully, they will arrive upon our return. Our letter that week is Kk for king. God bless you and yours

Weekly Announcement

December 13

Yes, we are at the last week before Christmas Break and there is much JOY!

The Advent Wreath shows us with the rose candle that we are in great JOY! Our Lord Jesus’ birthday is soon approaching!

This week we have been working on learning about the Nativity and completed the Nativity page of our book. Next week, we will work on the Shepard page of the book. Then make the final touches to our parent gift, and decorate cookies for our Caroling Party on Friday. We are practicing every day some Christmas Carols to bring Good News to others.

Next Friday, December 20, our last day of school we are attending, All School Mass, weather permitting. Immediately, following we will carol for our church family, the town hall, and lastly to the Acushnet Fire Station. If the weather does not allow we are still caroling to our school family and then enjoying hot cocoa and cookies following this event.

These happenings are part of our Christmas Party. We will enjoy our friends, Miss Dandurand, Mrs. Duff and their students' company while caroling and after watching a Christmas movie with hot cocoa and cookies.

Oh. in addition to this active day the children can exchange Christmas cards. Our class will have some time to just sit and open their Christmas cards. We have nine students. Their names are:

Beatrix, Gavin, Sadie, Caroline, Ana, Ivy, Cora, Christian, and Ava.

The children can bring them in at any time next week. We have made our Christmas stockings. They are hanging in our classroom ready for the cards. The children will have time through out the week at choice time to put their cards in their friends stocking.

Show and tell will take place next week on Thursday, December 19, for the letter Jj for Jesus : ). Please help your child find make or draw something that starts with Jj.

Please browse the rest of our website to learn a little more detail of our week in our Weekly Wrap-up page and see some pictures of the children at work on our Photo page.

God Bless you and yours!

November 27, 2019

Dear Families,

We have had a wonderful time preparing for Thanksgiving! Now we are anticipating the Advent Season that starts this Sunday. Today the children made a paper Advent Wreath to bring home. Then they can keep track of the weeks ahead as we prepare for Jesus' birthday. Also, we received our Advent Family from Saint Vincent de Paul. Please keep this homeless family, Mom, Dad, 2 boys, ages 4 and seven years old and a 10 year old girl, in your daily prayers. Please consider to donate a gift card to this family to a grocery, pharmacy, or department store in any amount. All gift cards need to be in by December 13. The children and I will create something to give them as well.

Next week we celebrate our patron saint, Saint Francis Xavier on Tuesday. Weather permitting we will attend All School Family Mass with our Church Buddies. Our letter of the week is Xx for Xavier. Show and Tell will be on Thursday, December 5, due to my absence on Friday, December 6. I will be in to greet our children but then will leave shortly after in the morning. Mrs. Maldonado will be substituting for me on Friday.

I am sending out a book order on Friday, December 6. If you are interested please place your order online. Our classroom code is H392H or send in your book order in a labeled envelope. This order will be in by December 19.

Please click on our menu to the left and click weekly Wrap- up to learn about this week's activities.

Finally, our classroom Christmas Party is on December 20. We are going to Mass, weather permitting and caroling at our church office or on the stairs of our church. Then we will cross the street to the Town Hall and finally visit Acushnet Fire Department. When we return to school we will warm up with hot cocoa and have our cookies we made that week in school.

Saint Nicholas' Workshop starts December 9. The children will browse the shop on Monday, December 9, to see what they would like to buy for family members. Then the list will of items and prices will go home for approval. The children will be taken again to the workshop if you wish to buy the items or some of the items. This event helps to fund the eighth grade graduation events.

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy,and Safe Thanksgiving Weekend.

November 22, 2019

We have had 55 days in school! The kids are amazed that we are a little more than half way to 100 days in school! Quite frankly, I am too. Next week is a short week due to celebrating Thanksgiving. Wednesday, November 27 is an early dismissal at 11:20. We do have Extended Care till 1:00. Those that are staying need to bring a lunch from home.

The arrival of Thanksgiving shortly after brings the arrival of Advent. Next week, we learn a little more about this season that helps to prepare us for Jesus’ Birthday. This afternoon, our Church Buddies visited us to play a game of Advent Bingo. Then the buddies helped the children to trace and cut-out their handprints. These handprints will help to create a large Advent Wreath to adorn the first floor bulletin board.

Next Tuesday, we will join Mrs. Dandurand’s class to eat our lunches in her classroom. Our class will be the Pilgrims meeting with the Native Americans. This is a simple dramatic play of the First Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, Mrs Gardner is helping us in the classroom to make our take home Advent Activity. It is a short week and her help on Wednesday is greatly appreciated.

On December 3 we celebrate our patron saint, Saint Francis Xavier, with an All School Mass. The children will go home with their progress reports, too.

December 6, we celebrate Saint Nicholas' Feast Day. The day before we will set out our created shoes outside our classroom door. Then he will come and put in some Christmas Treats.

The Annual Eighth Grade Saint Nicholas' Workshop will be open from December 9 to the 13. This event the children can bring in money to buy gifts for loved ones. The funds help support the eight grade graduation events.

Our class will celebrate Christmas on Friday, December 20, with our Church Buddie. We will attend Mass. Then immediately following we will go caroling with Miss Dandurand's class. We will carol outside our parish church, the Town Hall and the Acushnet Fire Station.

Once we return to our classrooms, we will warm up with hot cocoa and our own homemade cookies.

2 Chaperones are welcomed for this event. Also please click on the menu to the left to find the wish list page. There you will find a grocery list for this event.

Thank you for your support.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

November 14, 2019

Next week brings us a full of week of school.On Monday, November 18, we are celebrating Mickey Mouse's birthday. The children can dress in red and black or wear a Disney character T-shirt. We are continuing to learn about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. We will have Show and Tell for the letter Tt on Friday, November 22. In the afternoon, the class is working with their Church Buddy to help create a Big Advent Wreath to adore the first floor bulletin board. It is unbelievable we are already talking about the Advent Season.