Upcoming Carlmont Choir Events

Mark your calendars! 2019-2020 Choir Events

  • Spring Concerts - Friday, March 6th, 7pm & Saturday, March 7th, 5pm All Choirs
    • Dress rehearsal Wednesday, March 4th 3:30-8pm
  • NY Choir Tour - March 19th-24th Optional Event
  • Pops Concert - Friday, May 15th, 7pm & Saturday, May 16th, 5pm All Choirs
    • Dress rehearsal Wednesday, May 13th 3:30-9:30pm
  • Awards Lunch - Wednesday, June 3rd
  • Graduation - Friday, June 5th All Choirs


ANNOUNCING March 2020 Carnegie Hall Performance!

We will be traveling to New York, March 19-24, 2020. The trip will include Broadway Shows, college tours, sight seeing, and a performance in Carnegie Hall!

Click here to join the choirs and sing in Carnegie Hall next year.

Click here if you want to support the trip!