Course Outline and Grades


We follow the Next Generation Science Standards and IQWST is our curriculum. Click here if you would like more specific information.

Introduction to Chemistry

How does food provide my body with energy?

In this unit, the students will learn basic chemistry concepts while understanding how energy is transferred through living things.

Guiding Questions:

  • How do food molecules compare to each other?
  • What do organisms do with food?
  • Where does the energy in food come from?
  • How is food used for energy?

Introduction to Physics

How will it move?

In this unit, the students will learn basic physics concepts about force, motion, and energy.

Guiding Questions:

  • Which forces act on an object?
  • Why does an object start/stop moving?
  • How strong is that force?
  • How can we describe how an object moves?
  • Why do things change speed or direction?


Classwork: 30%

  • You are forming knowledge
  • Completion grades - You did it or you didn’t
  • Usually 5 - 30 pts
  • Examples: Homework, classwork, short response, exit slip, discussion participation

Test Grades: 70%

  • You are showing what you know - Level of Mastery
  • Graded for accuracy
  • Always out of 100 pts.
  • Rarely TESTS
  • Examples: Portfolio, Test, CER