Work and Behavior Expectations

Classroom Rules:

#1 - Pride in our school. Take care of our classroom. Clean up after yourself, help keep it looking nice and organized.

#2 - Pride in yourself. Take pride in your behaviors and quality of work. Represent your best!

#3 - Be ready to learn both mentally and physically.

Positive attitude, focus, supplies ready at all times. If you are not ready for any reason, please talk to me before class.

#4 - Everyone in this classroom will be RESPECTED, VALUED, and HEARD at all times.

In this classroom we are all...




Students have been working together to come up with ways that we can make each other feel this way every day in class. Here are some quotes from them,

"I feel valued when people are nice to me."

"I feel valued when someone says Hi to me."

"I feel valued when my team asks for my ideas."

"I feel respected when people listen when I speak."

"I feel respected when people consider my preferences."

"I feel respected when people respect my space and things."

"I feel heard when someone makes eye contact."

"I feel heard when someone can repeat what I said."

"I feel heard when there are no side conversations."

We have agreed to follow these values and say something if they are not being followed.