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Tips for PARENTS

When should we start the college process?

What Colleges Should I Apply to?

Not Going to College? Check out the Career Website!

Looking for an apprenticeship?

Can I even get into this college? Some harsh facts about selective/very selective schools.

Take a Virtual Tour

Plan a college visit road trip.

Early Action? Early Decision? Rolling Admissions? What does this mean??

Link to answers by Jessica Velasco, College Counselor

What is a Transcript Request Form?

How Do I use SCOIR?

How do I fill out the Common App?

How do I get Financial Aid?

Why EVERYONE should file the FAFSA

How do I fill out the FAFSA? - There's an APP!

Do I Need the CSS Profile? - How Do I Fill that out?

How do I get a Letter of Recommendation?

How do I Get Scholarships?

I Want to Play Sports at College.

SAT or ACT and How do I Send Colleges my Scores?

How Do I Study for the SAT?

How do I get Reminders about College and Graduation Information?

How do I figure out what my career will be?

What about Art Schools?

How do I Write the College Essay?

I have an IEP or a 504..What happens at College?

Do Running Start or AP Classes Count as College Credit?

What if I want to do a Gap Year?

TuitionBreak Resources

March2Success Resources for Nursing and other Entrance tests

Thinking about Dual Enrollment Credits? EStart college classes can be FREE!

Any other Questions?

The JUNIOR BOOK - Class of 2019 - Info on Post Secondary Choices (click on file below)