NON-STANDARD Local Scholarships will be listed on the KHS website and will be updated often.   Students will need to complete each application independently.  Please be aware due dates and requirements will vary.

Students will now use Going Merry to apply to our STANDARD local scholarships & national scholarships. 

You will use the information you were emailed to get into the website. Please use your school email.

If you need help, please come to the school counseling office.


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Scholarship tips and hints
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What are the different types of Financial Aid?

If you haven’t decided between colleges, just upload the financial aid information from the college you are most likely to attend.

If you live in two towns, state that in the application and tell them mom lives in this town and dad lives in that one.

Follow ALL instructions.  

Letters of Recommendation (if required by scholarship) can be requested in Going Merry.

Transcript request forms: Fill out, sign if you are 18 and have parent sign if not.

PLEASE give us TWO WEEKS notice for the transcript upload.

Do not assume your parents can afford to pay for college. It's EXPENSIVE.

Deadlines:  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Late applications could be denied.  

Be mindful if the deadline is ‘mailed by’ or ‘received by’.

Spreadsheets/Notebooks:  Can help you manage the nonstandard list by deadlines

Make good choices moving forward - Scholarship Committees want to give money to students who do well!

Families can search for National scholarships AND go to the colleges to which you have applied and see if there are any available institution scholarships. 

Many require a nomination by your high school and deadlines are generally in the fall.  

You may also find information through and performing google searches! 


•Grants and scholarships are often called “gift aid” because they are free aid that doesn’t have to be repaid.

•Grants are often need-based, while many scholarships are merit-based.  Merit aid is a private "discount" that is determined by the college and is up to them to decide how much. These can vary widely.  

•Grants and scholarships can come from the federal government, your state government, your college or career/trade school, or a private or nonprofit organization.

•Kennett has the non-standard scholarship opportunities here.

•Do your research, apply for any grants or scholarships you might be eligible for, and be sure to meet application deadlines! GoingMerry will help!

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LGBTQIA AND Degree-Specific Scholarships

The Hagan Scholarship: A need-based scholarship for rural students.

Scholarship Night at the end of the year...

If you receive an invitation, you are getting a scholarship.