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IT for Small Business

I.T. For Small Business

Never before in history has change happened so rapidly. In the last 10 years we have gone from using a computer tied to a desk to one in our pockets. 

The digital world impacts on every business industry.  The potential to grow a small business has never been greater.

This course aims to introduce this exciting world to local SME organisations. 

The course is delivered by a small business owner who has many years of providing practical IT solutions and includes the following:

Session one: Security

·        Remote CCTV

·        Buying On-Line Know your rights.

·        IT policies and why they are required

·        Data Protection

·        Social media Policies

·        Data Protection Register

·        Safeguarding


Session Two: Creating an IT disaster recovery plan

·        Data Mapping

·        Nas Storage

·        Contingency Planning

·        IT Audit

·        Getting the right hardware for your organisation

·        Future proofing


Session Three: Smart Social Media

·        Why use social media

·        How to use social media to work smarter

·        Social media Do’s and Don’ts

·        Know your customers, how to use IT to get more from them.

·        The power of IT to gain an edge – Where to find great tools

·        Elephant remembering your customers so they remember you.


Session Four: Maintenance

·        Keeping systems running smoothly

·        Performing Repairs

·        Upgrades


Session Five to Nine – It’s all about the Apps

·        Great apps for running a SME

·        Designing your own Apps


Session Ten: Future trends

·        What this means for you

·        Being prepared for change

·        Business Wellbeing