About The Community Hub

Ryecroft Neighbourhood Resource Centre (NRC)

Ryecroft NRC was set up in 2000 to provide resources to the local community to tackle the issues identified through consultation affecting the local area.

Over the years the charity has excelled in the field of training, helping job seekers secure employment and enter self-employment.

The Community Hub Project

In 2012 we were chosen to spearhead a new initiative, community hubs in order to meet the greater needs that now exist through austerity, these needs have been identified through our service users and consultation events and include 5 distinct pillars, namely,

  • Employment & training
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Children and young people
  • Elderly
  • Fitness and well-being

In order for the charity to provide services to tackle these issues we had to move in to two larger buildings in 2014.

Our model of operation is a simple one – We encourage and support social businesses to start up and take residency with our business hub on the condition that they provide services for the local community and the rental income generated pays for the utility bills, and a member of staff to provide business support and also develop our thriving community side.

Services we're unable to deliver are provided by our partnership with local groups who hire space to provide community services such as chess and gymnastics clubs, mixed martial arts, faith and youth clubs etc.

We encourage our projects to become community led, this has the added benefit of empowering the community, providing a voice and becoming independent.

We listen to our community and try and respond to requests, as a result we are launch projects on regular basis.