About The Community Hub

Ryecroft Neighbourhood Resource Centre (NRC)

Ryecroft NRC was set up in 2000 to provide resources to the local community to tackle the issues both perceived to be and identified as affecting the local area, with support from Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) funding.

Over the years the charity has excelled in the field of training, helping job seekers secure employment and placements. In 2012 Ryecroft NRC was identified as a potential host to one of the community hubs projects.

The Community Hub Project

With council cutbacks it was envisaged that many services traditionally provided by the local authority would no longer exist and that a way of assisting people to become more independent would need to be found. The result was a council-led initiative called community hubs. The idea behind this concept was that two hubs would be created throughout the borough to provide service that would enable communities to become more independent, therefore taking the pressure off the local authority.

In 2012 Ryecroft NRC was identified as a potential host to one of the community hubs projects. In 2013 the charity began talking to the local council to relocate to a building that would greater serve the needs of the local community and where the hubs project could exist.

The charity took over the running of 40 New forest Road in September 2013 with a view of moving to 28 New Forest Road at the beginning of 2014.

The organisation , together with the local authority held a consultation event to establish the needs of the local community. from the consultation event five key themes emerged, these being:

. Employment

. The Elderly

. Children & Young People

. Training

. Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

The charity took residency of 40 New Forest Road in September 2013 and immediately began increasing usage. From an initial usage of 13 hours per week, we have now increased this to over seventy hours and formed many new partnerships to deliver service and provide opportunities to the local community.

Partners that use these buildings include:

. Satori Mixed Martial Arts

. Various Church Groups

. Walsall Foster Care Association

. Training organisations

. Boxing and wellbeing


We envisage further use of the Community Building by other groups from the local community.