N.E. Fitness

N.E age or experience

You will learn correct technique in a safe environment

Paul Beckles is a self defence consultant and has years of experience in martial arts.

contact Paul - bp87071@gmail.com

What services he offers are:

  1. fitness class starts 6 pm - 7

  2. Kids from age 14-19 are free

  3. defence starts 7.30 pm - 9 £2.50

  4. personal training £5

  5. can give diet advice if requested

  6. kids start from 5 upwards

What will the class will consist of?

When you first begin Paul's class you will be expected to fill out a health and safety form. While participating in the class you will learn how to deescalate a situation and program your brain to deal with hostile situations, both correctly and sensibly. Don't worry Paul is sensitive about your health. Don't expect to earn belts or be put in divisions because everyone is equal no matter their skill level.