Ryecroft Community Hub

Building a  

resilient community 

by providing 

 integrated services

A massive thank you to everyone who helped us and our partner organisation PACCG hit our crowd funding target. This will allow us to create a climate classroom and library. Phase one will now begin in September. 

Phase two will see us create a nature "greenway" taking in 6 local wards and highlighting the biodiversity that exists within Walsall. 

Ryecroft community hub is made up of several charities, social businesses and user groups that all work hard to provide the local community with services and support. 

As the Hub enters its ninth year the need has never been greater but we remain steadfast in our commitments to welcoming, helping and signposting anyone who requires support.

We firmly believe community led activity is the bedrock of a resilient community and with this in mind, are always keen to encourage community led initiatives to thrive here at the centre.

We also believe integrated services encourage engagement and improvement.

Please take a look at what your centre has to offer and what has been achieved here at Ryecroft Community Hub. 

Please use the links above to discover what's going on here at the hub and how you can get involved.

Ryecroft Community Hub is proud to be part of the Walsall Community Network.

Hub Services

Who supports us? 

Our team of volunteers are the backbone of this centre and provide vital services. We can not thank our team enough and appreciate the massive impact they have.

We have the pleasure of teaming up with several and diverse social businesses and service providers that allow the hub to provide a unique mix of integrated services. Its been a massive success to see all of the businesses thrive and create local jobs while at the same time provide valuable services to the community.

The hub has always enjoyed a fantastic working relationship with Walsall Council through the community engagement team. They have been invaluable in offering support and guidance.