Margie's Muse Handweaving

Margie's Muse Handweaving

Muse: a source of inspiration

Weaving: The ancient art of blending warp threads with weft to make a cohesive fabric for use, depending on the thread used and the patterns woven, in any number of daily, sacred and mundane applications including blankets, clothing, rugs, bags, drapes, vestments. Specializing in altar cloths.

~Halo of the Sun~

One day

you sit and weave

you may muse on warp and weft:

how they mesh their essences, how they fuse their strengths. Warp

so taut

so hard

so straight

so tightly spun

so tightly strung.

Shapes the whole.

Holds the course.

Inner strength


Weft conversely is soft and supple.

Gently yielding.



Envelops the warp as it twines.

Buffers the core; creates a design.

Thus, as always,

two unite.


form a whole -

The basis for creativity;

the foundation

for all of life.

~ Halo of the Sun ~

Taken from "Navajo Weaving Way" by Noel Bennett and Tiana

Color Energy

As Margaret weaves, her eyes absorb the warp and weft colors, and she feels the various colors as different sensations. Energy centers in the body are known as chakras, and each of these is associated with its own sound, symbol, and color. The main seven chakras start at the base of the spine. The first chakra is red. Continuing up the spine is the sacral chakra, orange; yellow at the solar plexus chakra; green at the heart center; blue at the throat; indigo at the third eye; and violet or white at the crown chakra. Following are the associations with the various colors:

Red: grounding, nourishment from earth energy, safety, survival.

Orange: emotion, sexuality, creativity.

Yellow: personal power, will.

Green: love, relating, compassion, integration.

Blue: Self-expression, truth, communication.

Indigo: Intuition, inner wisdom.

Violet/white: Universal consciousness, connection to spirit.

Color healing can be utilized by wearing colors to enhance needs in different areas. Or stained glass can be used to bathe one in colored light to affect areas needing specific healing. Various colors of sunglasses can be used to filter desired colors in through the eyes. Or simply meditating with a needed color can bring healing.

Design a blanket with Margaret for yourself or a friend. Choose the colors that will sooth, nourish and nurture the spirit. A blanket makes a beautiful union ceremony gift. And these are infused with Reiki!

Reiki is an energetic healing practice which can balance chakras, causing balance in life and health. We want our chakras to spin, reflecting the vitality and life energy at work.

blue yarn

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