Margaret learned to knit from her grandmother, Marjorie and one of her cousins, Marji when she was eight. Her love of fibers and yarns led her to work on a knitting machine for Karen Morris, a knitwear designer for a time in the 80’s in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.

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Landing in Jamaica, Vermont in 1993, she began weaving after taking a weaving class with Suzanne Lovejoy. In 2001 she had a dream of being at a craft fair, surrounded by creative people and their colorful wares. The next day she was asked by Neina Sherman if she wanted to share a booth at Hildene the following month. YES! Gratitude to the universe for offering the opportunity to manifest the dream! And so Margie’s Muse the shop and oasis was born, with help from many friends, and lived its shop life for nine years in the center of Jamaica Village. During that time, over 200 artisans brought their beautiful creations to sell, along with the custom handwoven pieces Margaret got to make while shop-keeping. The shop had luscious yarn for sale, and many gifted teachers came to give classes in a wide variety of creative endeavors. The idea was to inspire people to get their own creative juices flowing! A distinguishing characteristic of her weaving is a cross in many of her pieces marking the meeting place of the warp and weft fibers, signifying the place of connection for which our hearts yearn, and which illustrates the interconnected pattern of the colorful and rich fabric of our humanity.

In 2010 the shop closed and Margie’s Muse moved into Margaret’s home studio in West Jamaica, which was built for

her by Mark Silvia, the man with whom she was married. He also built the first loom she learned to weave on, which helped her get started. She is blessed to have such a beautiful space in which to nurture her creative expression. State forest land abuts the backyard and the property is framed by two brooks which come together at the corner, creating an inspiring auspicious confluence.Margaret is happy to receive you by appointment to help you design your own special piece. One of her joys is spinning beloved dog fur for weaving or knitting into your keepsake garment or blanket.

Years of weaving in public allowed for playing with color more than with pattern and the discoveries of the energetic properties of color have been exciting and led to greater learning of healing energy work. Color is energy, and energy is light, and light heals. It all weaves together! Passion for color lead to practicing the Reiki Method of Natural Healing and obtaining the level of Reiki Master in 2013, which lead to studying Massage. Hands at work! And Jamaica Healing Arts & Wellness Center was born in 2012, bringing Margaret's Master of Education in Counseling/Psychology (from 1990) into play, too.

The Jamaica Fiber Festival ran in Jamaica Village for several years between 2001 and 2010 one day in May each spring to celebrate the area’s history of Merino sheep keeping and all things fiber. The community had fun maypole dancing, hearing live music, watching sheep being sheered, doing fiber crafts, participating in community weaving projects, eating great food, and having raffle drawings. People came out rain or shine for the festivities and relished gathering outside after the long winters.

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