Social, Emotional Behavioral Resources

Social/Emotional Resources


Listen and validate feelings: Simply listen to and talk with your child. It is important to reassure your child that you love them and that you will get through this difficult time together. Let them know that it’s normal to experience anxiety or stress when there are many unknowns.

Stay calm: Children look to the adults in their lives for how to respond in a difficult time. When adults stay calm, children will too.

Limit screen time and media exposure: Support your child in limiting time on social media and watching the news. Research has shown that over-exposure to distressing messages increases anxiety, and is overall unnecessary for being prepared. Role-model for them by limiting your own screen time. You may also consider installing apps that limit teen screen time. Monitor their social media activity.

Healthy habits: Help your student to get to bed on time and get enough rest, eat healthy food, and get exercise. Encourage them to adopt a daily routine that includes learning and movement.

Relaxation: Encourage your student to use simple relaxation skills and engage in favorite activities or hobbies. Simple relaxation may include deep breaths, stretching, taking a walk, yoga, or mindfulness strategies such as noticing colors or sounds in a space.

These basic strategies can help support your student (and yourself!) in coping during this unusual time.

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All of us are navigating the challenges created by Covid-19. Our lives have changed quickly and unexpectedly, and most of us are anxious about the uncertainty of it all. Many children are struggling to understand and may not be able to express what they’re feeling, so we want to make sure families have resources to support the behavioral, social, and emotional health of our students. Attached is the contact information for the district’s behavior strategists in elementary and combo schools, and you’re encouraged to reach out if you have questions or concerns. Please know that your children are important to us, and we miss them! Our priority is making sure you have everything you need.

Rapides Parish Behavior Strategists

Taurus Batiste - North Bayou, Nachman

Amy Comeaux - Lessie Moore, Oak Hill, Rosenthal

Teresa Coplen - Buckeye Elementary, HR Lawrence, Pineville Elementary

Kim Daigre - Tioga Elem, Ruby Wise, Acadian

Diahn Fleury - Ball Elementary, Paradise, Mary Goff, Poland Jr High

Ray Franklin - Mabel Brasher, Horseshoe, Martin Park, Peabody Montessori

Sandy Gatlin - Huddle, Caroline Dormon, JI Barron

Jessica Kador - Alma Redwine, WO Hall, Julius Patrick, LS Rugg

Melinda Richard - CC Raymond, Glenmora, Plainview

Hope Tassin - Cherokee, Northwood, Forest Hill