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Promotion Policy 
The Ripon Area School District board of education approved the promotion policy for 
grades K-8. Please read below. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Hatlen at 748-
Criteria: To be promoted all students in grades K-8 must demonstrate adequate progress 
in reading and mathematics. Literacy and numeracy are the foundation of all core subjects. To 
that end, adequate progress will be determined by end-of-year report card standard scores for 
core academic subjects at a score of “3” or higher. If adequate progress is not evident based 
on the report card scores, multiple measures may be used to compile a complete student 
learning profile for promotion consideration. 
The multiple measures to consider may include, but are not limited to: 
• Wisconsin School Assessment System Examination scores 
• Response to Intervention/Instruction documentation 
• Local assessments 
• Teacher recommendations 
• Demonstrate adequate progress toward attainment of annual goals specified in the 
Individual Education Plan (IEP), Section 504 Plans, or English Development Learning 
Plan (EDLP) as documented by the staff serving the student. 
 Remediation Opportunities: School personnel shall make a concerted and repeated effort 
throughout the school year to notify the parents of students who are at-risk of not meeting 
grade-level expectations and thus, may not be eligible for promotion. Opportunities to support 
student learning will be suggested and encouraged. In this way, students (with the support of 
their parents) can take full advantage of Response to Intervention/Instruction (RtI) time, 
BRAVE after school tutoring, Summer School, or other remediation learning opportunities for 
the purpose of meeting the grade-level criteria as described above to be eligible for promotion. 

This video does a good job of explaining the difference between project-based learning and traditional classroom approaches.

Project Based Learning Explanation

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