Wind Ensemble

The Scotts Ridge Middle School Wind Ensemble is a competitive, high-achieving, award-winning group.  The Wind Ensemble performs challenging repertoire that ranges from contemporary music to film scores and pop hits to classic literature.  The goal of the ensemble is to put on a quality performance while engaging the students in a stimulating and fun way.  Because of the challenges associated with the music, students must audition for membership.  The group meets once or a twice a week for sectional rehearsals and/or full rehearsals. 

Students are expected to arrive a few minutes early for setup and warm-up so rehearsals can begin on time.  Note: sectionals are rehearsals for small groups of instruments or like-instruments only.  Please arrive a few minutes early in order to begin on time.  

On this page you will find:
  • Regional festival information
  • Music listening links
  • Rehearsal calendar
  • Concert dates

Western Region Music Festival - Concert Band

The Western Region Middle School Music Festival (WRMS Fest) is a festival designed to bring together the top performers from Fairfield County!  I'm proud to say SRMS participates every year!  It is an auditioned group.  
The audition date is Saturday, 12/1/18
The festival dates are 3/15/19 & 3/16/19 (Friday & Saturday).

There are no weekly practices!

The audition etude can be found here: Western Region Audition Etude 2018  Scroll through the file until you find your instrument and print that page only.  Please contact me for more detailed information.  In addition, all students auditioning will be required to play specific scales.  The scale page can be found here: Western Region Audition Scales.

Wind Ensemble concert music listening links

Rehearsal Calendar

Calendar color-key:
Jazz Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble

Concert Dates 
  • Winter -  Tuesday, 1/15/19 
    (Jazz, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Singers)
  • Winter (snow) - 1/23/19
  • Spring -  Thursday, 5/30/19 
    (Jazz, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Singers)
  • Spring -  Friday, 6/7/19
    Fantastic Festivals