Auditions - Jazz & Wind Ensemble

Auditions for Jazz and Wind Ensemble - 2017-18

Welcome to the Auditions page for Jazz & Wind Ensemble!  2017-18 is going to be a great year!

Below you will find everything you need to prepare for and schedule your audition.
  Follow these steps:

1. Choose the group you wish to audition for then read the information from that link:

2. Click this link to print the scales you will need for your instrument.  If you plan to audition for jazz on guitar, bass, piano or drum-set also use this link.

3. Click the following link to schedule your audition time.

Can't fit an audition into the schedule?  Email teacher for appointment:

Some auditions may be scheduled in the morning.  Should you need a morning audition slot, please email me at to set up a time.