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About Sunrise Athletics:                  
The Paradise Valley School District has a wide variety of after-school activities for middle school students that include Festival and All-Star intramural sports.  The Paradise Valley Schools Festival Sports Program was designed to meet the needs of every middle school athlete regardless of athletic experience or ability level. The program holds firm to the middle school philosophy that all interested students should be given an opportunity to participate. Boys' sports include basketball, track, passing-league football and wrestling.  Girls' sports include softball, track, volleyball and basketball.  These sports programs are open to students for a fee and physicals are not required. The middle school’s administration and coaching staff enthusiastically encourage student's participation in intramural sports.

Each season contains an approximate
four week season (15-16 practices) during which coaches work with athletes on fundamentals, drills, scrimmages, rules and sportsmanship. Furthermore, the high schools will send down a member of the coaching staff and student athletes to conduct a drill/skills clinic.  There are no eliminations (cuts) during this "Festival" part of the season. All interested students are encouraged to play — even if they are new to the sport. EVERY participant who signs up for an All-Star sport will have the 15-16 practices and then compete in a season culminating district wide sports festival tournament.  This tournament happens at a local high school and is on a Saturday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
At the conclusion of the Festival tournament, coaches choose a team of 10 to 15 athletes
per grade level to represent the school in All-Star Sports (Track and Field and Wrestling are the exceptions as they do not have All Stars). All-Star sports will last a total of 12-13 days.  The All-Star teams will then play against the other PVUSD middle schools with 3 games being home and 3 games being away.

Continued participation in Festival and All-star sports depends upon appropriate student conduct. Students may be suspended from participation for poor sportsmanship, disrespect or destruction of property.                                                                                                                                                                            
David Abrams
Athletic Director

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Athletics Assistant
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