Step 1: General Tips

1. Be prepared to educate yourself: You are registering for college level classes so there are college level expectations. Read the information provided.

2. Use the HHS Dual Website: We have worked with Rio Salado to simplify Accuplacer and Course Registration processes.

3. Deadlines: Please don't wait until the last minute to complete the steps. If issues arise, time may be needed to fix them.

Step 2: Talk to your Counselor

This begins in mid-January. Your Counselor will need to know you are planning to take a dual enrollment course. This is critical, so correct course information is entered for you and you are being given information about placement testing. Not all teachers are dual-certified so you must be placed with the correct teacher.

Step 3: Admissions

Use the form to see detailed steps.

Common Issues

    • No ID submitted (DON'T SKIP THIS)
    • No Under 18 Form submitted
    • Application isn't completed all the way

Help info is located on the form. During August, September and January a representative from Rio Salado is usually on campus once a week to help. Use the calendar to check those dates.


Step 4: Apply for Grant Money

The Maricopa Grant Application can be found at Application opens in March (typically). Funds are first-come first-served basis and is given based on economic need. Grant assistance usually covers up to 12 credits hours per year.

If you are approved, contact Rio Salado if any of your classes happen in the spring. Failure to pre-register for these classes will result in those classes not being funded.

Step 5: Sign Up for Accuplacer Exams

Review our detailed information on the Placement Testing tab.

Step 6: Verify your class is dual enrollment

On the first day of class, check with your Teacher that you are in a Dual Enrollment class. You can also check the dual staff tab.

If you are not in the correct class, contact your Counselor to see if changing is a possibility. Dual Enrollment classes should have been registered for during the previous academic year so space may be limited.

Step 7: Register for classes with Rio Salado

Complete once you start the class in the Fall or Spring.

Must complete admissions and testing first

Options to Register:

    • 1. Use the form to register for classes. Provided everything is complete, Rio Salado will complete the enrollment. You will get emails and texts telling you to make payment. If an Accuplacer exam is needed, Rio Salado will wait until after our Test Date to enroll. This step must be used for GPA qualifiers and Spanish classes.
    • 2. If you opt to register for classes yourself you will need the 5 digit course number 2019-2020 Horizon Course Numbers.

Common Issues

    • No ID submitted
    • No Under 18 Form submitted
    • Application isn't completed all the way

If you run into unsolvable issues, Rio Salado is usually on campus on Tuesday's to help during August, September, and January. Use the calendar to check those dates.

Step 8: Pay Tuition and Fees

Once registered for your class you must make payment by the following Monday at 5pm. An email will be sent to the students email and you should receive a text. Please see our Payment Info tab for more information

Dual Enrollment Brochure