Earn College Credit at Horizon

Horizon High School, in conjunction with Rio Salado Community College, makes it possible for students to earn up to two years of college credit without ever leaving campus. Our Dual teachers are certified to teach college-level courses, and our curriculum is reviewed annually.

Rio Salado Contacts:

Rio Salado Dual Help-desk: dual.enrollment@riosalado.edu

Rio Salado Dual Enrollment Coordinator: Antonio Bracamonte, antonio.bracamonte@riosalado.edu TEXT: 480-517-8103

Rio Salado Student Services Specialist: Dr. Roberta Jeffers, r.jeffers@riosalado.edu TEXT: 480-517-8379

Rio Salado Success Coach: Krista Keyser, success.coach@riosalado.edu (Please provide your name, ID, grade level). Assists with course and goal planning.

Rio Salado Cashier's Office: 480-517-8330 http://www.riosalado.edu/cashier/Pages/default.aspx

Rio Salado Tech Support: 480-517-8600 http://www.riosalado.edu/help/tech/Pages/default.aspx

Reset Password: 1-888-994-4433 or idme.maricopa.edu

Rio Salado Admissions and Records: 480-517-8540

Rio Salado Dual Office: 480-517-8080 - use as last resort, please. We have simplified and specific processes at Horizon. This website should address most questions and concerns. Not everyone is aware of these processes and conflicting information may accidentally be given.

504/IEP Questions: disability.services@riosalado.edu