Samil Inverters

Samil inverters are accessed using a Serial Port connection (e.g. COM3). It uses a Samil variant of the Phoenixtec protocol. Non-Samil devices using the Phoenixtec protocol cannot share the same serial port with the Samil.

PVBC can access multiple Samil inverters simultaneously. When the inverters are connected in an RS485 daisy chain, these inverters can be accessed via a single serial port, otherwise you require a separate serial port for each Samil inverter.

Data Available from the Inverter

AC Power

AC Energy

AC Current

AC Voltage


DC Voltage - String 1

DC Current - String 1

DC Power - String 1

DC Voltage - String 2

DC Current - String 2

DC Power - String 2

DC Voltage - String 3

DC Current - String 3

DC Power - String 3