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2008 Films

Our very first Film Festival!!
We came together at Tamaki College to share our film making.

Click on the links below to view the movies.  

Only twelve classes were brave enough to enter movies the first time around, but from this small beginning has grown the amazing cluster celebration we enjoy today....

1. Tamaki Intermediate - Year 7
Mrs Elfrida Raj
 Agents of Change
2. Pt England School - Year 1
Mrs Delwyn Jarman
 Apii's Hippo
3.  Panmure Bridge School -Yr 5/6
Ms Jo Day
 Maori Massacre at Mokoia
4.  Pt England School - Year 2
Miss Priscilla Lavakula
 Go for Green
5. Tamaki College -  Year 9 Girls
Miss Ferguson and Ms Metcalfe
6. Tamaki College -  Year 9 Boys
Miss Ferguson and Ms Metcalfe
7. Tamaki Intermediate - Year 8
Mr Myles Webb
 Global Sasa
8. Glenbrae School - Year 3
Miss Joy Paton
 Favourite Places
9. Pt England School - Year 4
Miss Juanita Garden
 Don't Cha
10. Tamaki Primary - Seniors
Mrs Rhonda Kelly
 Health Promoting Schools
11. Pt England School - Year 6
Mrs Sandy Lagitupu
 Preserving Culture
12. St Pius X School - Year 8
Miss Sarah Gleeson
 Dancing Tamaki Community
   Miss Ferguson's photos from the prep day are here
 Miss Ferguson's photos from the festival day are here

From Miss Ferguson:
It has been a fantastic day here at Tamaki College. We have had our film festival to celebrate the end of the year for our Manaiakalani EHSAS cluster. All of the schools in our local area have been coming to visit and watch the films produced by their students. It has been a really busy day with 4 shows during the day and another tonight for the community to come and see the work. All of the students did extremely well all day with their presentations and everyone went away very impressed with the work. If you want to see the work for yourself then check out the links down the side of this page.