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Session One

2013: Cinema One - Extreme Screen
9.30am to 10.30am
Audience: Stonefields School, Sommerville Special School, TKKM o Puau

Run sheet for movies:
  Movie Name School / Class
 1The Swap
Pt England School
 2 Learning to inspirePanmure Bridge School
 3 Penguin WarStonefields School
 4 Faith and HarmonySt Pius X
 5 Swimming at School is CoolPanmure Bridge School
 6 ChangeSommerville Special School
 7 Kia Pai Te KotahiPt England School
 8 Te WakaSommerville Special School
 9 In the beginningStonefields School
 10 Team WorkSommerville Special School
 11 Experiences GaloreGlenbrae School
 12 Spray and Walk AwaySommerville Special School
 13 How to Fix the CountryStonefields School
 14 Who pushed Humpty?Pt England School
 15 Our Dog MegSommerville Special School
 16 Space Train Stonefields School