The Roman Republic

Vocabulary: patrician, plebeian, Senate, consul, Cincinnatus

10. Watch the BrainPop movie and answer the following questions
    a. What modern day Republic was structured after the roman Republic? 
    b. The senate was controlled by ______________.
    c. What did the senate control?
    d. What was the second part of the Roman government? 
    e. What did the assembly work to protect? 
    f. What was the Forum?
    g. What were the twelve tables?
    h. What was the third part of the Roman Republic? 
11. Complete the "Dig it Up" activity and answer the following questions
    a. What did Dr. Tan find that convinced her the field was once a Roman town? 
    b. What are they going to build across the site if evidence can't be found?
    c. What is the first tool you use?
    d. What is a "geophys"  survey?
    e. What was the first item you found?
    f. What item did you dig up from the field? (after you completed the activity)
    g. What are trowels used for? 
    h. What did you find in the second dig? 
11. Read the different views and explain why the soldiers and the poor loved Julius Caesar. Why did the Senate hate him?
    a. Answer the prompts on the newspaper and turn into your teacher. 
12. Watch the movie and answer the following questions?

Political structure of the roman republic.mp4

    a. What was the importance of social class? 
    b. What is the difference between a plebeian and patrician? 
    c.  What is the Consul? What is the Consul's responsibilities
    d. What is the Senate responsible for? 
    e. Who can be in the Assembly? 
    f. What was the one important job that the Assembly had that the Senate did not? 
    g. What was the Law of the 12 Tables? 
13. Compare and contrast Roman and U.S. Governments using a Venn Diagram. 
14. Watch the movie and answer the questions:

Rome Part 4 - Roman Expansion.mp4

    a. Who were the Gauls?
    b. What did they do to accomplish this? 
    c. Why was Carthage important? 
    d. What were the Punic Wars? 
    e. How did Rome get the island of Sicily? 
    f. What did Rome get from the Punic Wars? 
    g. Which group of people helped Rome gain control of the Italian Peninsula? 
    h. What modern weapon could you compare elephants to in ancient times? 
15. Play Fling the Teacher and answer the following questions.
    a. This term refers to a poll tax made to count Roman subjects.
    b. This word refers to the roman treasury.
    c. Coloni refers to 
    d. Visigoth general and sacker of Rome.
    e. Constantine chose to build a new Roman capital here.
    f. Refers to officials organized by rank.
    g. Roman citizens saw bad omens after the civil war as evidence that . . .