The Daily Life of Romans

Vocabulary: aqueduct, Colosseum, gladiator. 

22. Watch the movie and answer the following questions.

Life in Ancient Rome.mp4

    a. When would a typical day start in ancient Rome? 
    b. What is the weather like in Rome? 
    c. What did wealthy Romans wear each day?
    d. Where did most people in Rome live?
    e. What would a time traveler notice if they went back to ancient Rome? 
    f. How do we know so much about Roman lives?
    g. If you want back to ancient Rome what you you like to see and/or visit? 
23.  What was life like in early Rome? As you complete the interactive answer the following questions.
    a. What was ancient Rome like? 
    b. How did Rome begin?
    c. Who ruled Rome?
    d. Who were the Roman Emperors? 
    e. What entertainment did Rome have? 
    f. What did the Romans believe? 
    g. How did the empire end?
    a. What buildings did you put in your fort?
    b. Name 3 items that were in your fort. 
    c. What did you learn as you built your fort? 
    a. What are the six sections of the colosseum? 
26. Watch the movie clip and answer the following questions. 

A glimpse of teenage life in ancient Rome - Ray Laurence.mp4

    a. Where does Lucius live?
    b. How many children die before they reach adulthood in Ancient Rome?
    c. What did Lucius learn in school?
    d. At what age can Lucius take care of his own business deals?
    e. What are some of the activities that take place during Lucius Brothers' special day? 
27. Quiz: Rome and the Rise of Christianity
    a. During the first Punic War ____________ became the first Roman province.
    b. As the first emperor, _____________ restored stability to the Roman empire. 
    c. Like the Greeks, the Romans believed that ____________.
    d. ______________ was the first Roman emperor to adopt Christianity as his faith. 
    e. The _________________ were the last to seek Rome before Romulus Augustulus was deposed and the Western Roman Empire fell. 
28. Look at the ancient Roman recipes and pick your favorite. What are the ingredients in your favorite recipe? 
29. Play the game and answer the following questions. 
    a. What is the correct order of the time-line?
    b. What is the Roman numeral for 122 & 285?
    c. Name two rotten Roman facts.
    d. Take the quiz, what was your score?