Out-of-District Transfer

Transferring to Pattonville from another District?

Students identified as Gifted and Talented in another school district are eligible for placement consideration in the Pattonville Gifted Program based on the following:

    • IQ score on the WISC-V, Stanford-Binet, or other full battery test measure must meet the Pattonville minimum requirements.

    • If full battery not was administered by previous district(s), the Pattonville School Psychological Examiner will administer an IQ test to determine eligibility.

Steps for Transferring Families:

  • Please let your Pattonville school know when you are enrolling that your child was part of another gifted program.

  • Staff at the Gifted Center will examine test records sent from previous district(s) to determine placement and/or additional testing.

If you have questions about the transfer process, please contact the Gifted Center at (314) 213-8245.