Transferring to Pattonville from another District?

Students identified as Gifted and Talented in another school district are eligible for placement consideration in the Pattonville Gifted Program based on the following:
  • IQ score on the WISC-V, Stanford-Binet, or other full battery test measure must meet the Pattonville minimum requirements
  • If full battery not was administered by previous district(s), the Pattonville School Psychological Examiner will administer an IQ test to determine eligibility.
Steps for Transferring Families:
  • Please let your Pattonville school know when you are enrolling that your child was part of another gifted program.
  • Staff at the Gifted Center will examine test records sent from previous district(s) to determine placement and/or additional testing.

Please contact Cindy Temm at (314) 213-8245 with questions about the transfer process.