Student Feedback

"It was really fun and great to learn more about something we never really go in depth about."

- Ambridge Area HS

"I loved you guys! I learned a lot and I loved how you were so energetic and interactive. It made me want to learn more even though previously I didn't like the topic. You guys were awesome!!"

- Shaler Area HS

"Loved the presenters, very friendly and informative."

- Moon Area HS

"We learned that sticking to your values is very important. Don't let other people influence your choices."

- Central Valley HS

"I was thinking about having sex before marriage, however, I see that abstinence is a better option."

- Moon Area HS

"It was really inspiring."

- Shaler Area HS

"I liked this and I think we should do more things like this."

-Avonworth MS

"When you love someone, you don’t need to have sex. You will have a stronger relationship without that pressure".

- Blackhawk HS

"I learned that a relationship isn't about the sexual aspects but should be about building bonds with your partner and now I am practicing abstinence because of it."

- Moon HS

"I learned to stay healthy, choose sexual abstinence and live life to the fullest."

- Freedom MS

"More presentations should be done in a fun and interactive manner such as this."

- Ambridge Area JH

"It is really great to wait!"

- Hopewell HS

"I learned that you can have a solid relationship without having sex."

- Moon Area HS

"Choosing sexual abstinence is the best way to go. "

- Freedom MS