The Real Choices curricula offer:

  • Medically factual statistics
  • Credible scientific research
  • Powerful personal testimonies
  • Relevant examples
  • Fun activities

Our programs are designed to inform, instruct, engage and empower students in some of the most important issues they'll face.

In the midst of a culture that sensationalizes sexuality and encourages unhealthy sexual and interpersonal behaviors, the Real Choices and Relationship Goals programs give teens access to the most accurate, reputable, and up-to-date scientific facts about sexual behavior and relational health.

We want to equip teens with all the information they need about sexual and relational health so they can have the best chance for happy, healthy, and successful lives. So many repercussions of poor sexual choices and bad romances stem from a lack of knowledge. Having conversations about sex and dating can be hard - we're here to get the ball rolling.

Armed with reliable statistics, psychological studies and authentic personal narratives, teens can make choices that lead to healthy relationships and promote the honor, dignity, and value of all persons.