Educational Programs


  • Are offered FREE of charge
  • Contain age-appropriate material and engaging activities
  • Are designed to be given to individual classes in ordinary classrooms
  • Fit into the daily class schedule
  • Can be adapted to fit unique time constraints and environments

Real Choices: Middle School

Our sexual health program for middle school students uses a positive approach that assists young people in understanding the benefits of abstinence.

This program discusses:

  • Choices and personal goals
  • The difference between love and infatuation
  • Healthy vs. unhealthy relationships
  • Possible emotional, physical, mental, and social consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage
  • The benefits of waiting until marriage to become sexually active

The program includes several activities, games, true stories, and a PowerPoint presentation that help to drive home the abstinence message.

Middle School program length: 2 days, 40 mins each day

Real Choices: High School

Our sexual health program for high school students encourages older teens to develop their personal goals and dreams. It also prepares them to resist negative pressure to engage in sexual activity. It helps teens define their future paths, explore the consequences of risk-taking behaviors, and learn ways to build healthy relationships. This program discusses:

  • Goal setting and protecting teenagers’ futures
  • Exhibiting self-control
  • Possible emotional, physical, psychological, and social consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage
  • Common STDs and how they spread
  • Secondary virginity (starting over) and getting back on the right path.

The program also employs interactive exercises and discussions. A powerful, true-life video testimony encourages and challenges students, giving them a clear, consistent message that helps them come to their own conclusion that abstinence is the safest and healthiest lifestyle.

High School program length: 3 days, 40 mins each day

Relationship Goals

According to the CDC, nearly 1.5 million teenagers are victims of dating abuse each year. We have created a program focused entirely on relationships to help address this problem. Our relationships program discusses:

  • Foundations of healthy relationships
  • Warning signs of emotional, physical and sexual abuse
  • Technology and privacy in dating
  • Building good boundaries
  • Healing from past hurts

These conversations are honest but sensitive, and the tone of the presentation is infused with appropriate moments of seriousness and levity. The program is built on the three concepts of awareness, empowerment and hope, with the ultimate message being, "You matter and you're worth it." This relatable and relevant discussion of the psychology of relationships is geared toward high school students and young adults, but can be adapted for younger audiences.

Relationship Goals program length: One 45-minute session