The Counselor Corner with Mr. Lee

At this time, I would like to thank our Pottsville students and parents for letting me be part of their lives for the past sixteen years.  It has been a wonderful adventure for me, watching our students graduate and go into the world... making a difference. 

For those that have not heard, I have retired to begin my next adventure.  I am not going to say "Good-Bye"  (Good-Bye to me is too final), so I will say "I'll see you around!" I know that are paths will cross.

Mrs. Amy Rust will the counselor next year.  She will do a super job! If you have any questions, call the school and ask for her or email her at

I would like to welcome all of our seniors, juniors, sophomores and parents to The Counselor Corner with Mr. Lee!" I hope that my "Counselor Corner" will give valuable information that may aid in future plans.   We would love suggestions, comments, etc. to improve our site. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to call, email, or stop by. 

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~ Mark Lee


Another Quick Note...

I will be sending out emails through our Google account again this year to all our high school students. If you do not receive any emails from me, please let me know by email or come by my office. Parents are welcome to sign up with me as well (parent/guardian... please include your student's name and grade.) Parents will be grouped under Parent Group ( example:  Class of 2023 Parents)

Thanks again,

Mr. Lee



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Juniors will receive the Career Watch Arkansas and Arkansas Next. Seniors will receive Arkansas Next and may pick up a copy of Career Watch Arkansas in Mr. Lee's office. All magazines that are posted on this site may be viewed digitally.

POTTSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL...NICHE 2021 Ranking: A- ... #1 Public High School in Pope Co....#22 of 281 High Schools in Arkansas....#33 of 268 Best College Preps in Arkansas...#37 of 345 Best High School Athletics

Pottsville School District...School Digger's 2022 Ranks Pottsville School District #5 in the state and NICHE ranking is #7


Arkansas College and Career Planning System is an online education and career planning system that gives you the tools you need to build a foundation for lifelong career success. You'll learn what your interests, skills confidence, and work values are and how to apply them to a career plan for your future.

This website also helps you with real-world skills such as how to write resumes and cover letters, how to research employers, and how to prepare for job interviews. You can even create an electronic profile that you may choose to share online with prospective colleges or employers.

STUDENTS will go to the Clever Landing page on Quicklinks and click on Kuder from there.